Join Our Team

The real estate industry is changing and Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group understands that. Technology plays a major role in an agents day to day operations and allows us to work smarter and be more mobile than ever. Large real estate offices are no longer a necessity. We believe there is a balance between a virtual office and brick and mortar operation; that is exactly what we have created at Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group. We offer a small, modern office in a highly visible location and a modern business model for the agents who join our team.

Keep More
Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group believes commission plans should be catered to the individual agent. If you’re new to the industry and looking for a mentor program, one on one training, and leads we’ve got all that – on the opposite end of the spectrum, if you’re a seasoned pro and looking to work with a company that rewards you for your independence we have a flat fee model - $295 transaction fee and $295 per month. No annual cap! 

Manage Your Business
We don’t believe in putting agents into “boxes.” At Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group your business is just that, your business. Manage and operate your business the way you like while building YOUR brand! No required meetings, floor duty, or open houses. Again, we don’t believe in a one size fits all model. If you want to hold open houses that’s great but, it’s not a requirement.

Modern Office, Prime Location
Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group is conveniently located off of Beulah Street in Alexandria next to Wegmans in the Hilltop Village Shopping Center. Our new modern office has a conference room available for you to use at any time complete with a power ring conference table that allows you to plug in and use your devices at any time, drop in desks with charging stations, and high-speed internet. Instantly benefit from our highly visible storefront.

Office culture is big at Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group. Our mantra is #BeKind #BeHumble #BeFearless #NoExcuses. We aren’t looking for just anyone – we seek agents that have a passion for helping people, believe in brainstorming and sharing ideas, and who want to be a part of a company that cares about people. We encourage collaboration amongst our agents, we like to spend time together outside of the office, and we like to have fun! We might all be independent agents but, we’re a 
work family and believe in helping each other.

Ready To Talk?
Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group’s business model is designed for today’s real estate agent. We have intentionally eliminated the large office space and gone with a more modern, smaller office that is reflective of actual usage from the modern agent while still maintaining high visibility to the public. We have chosen to remain independent allowing us to eliminate costs that are associated with a franchise while simultaneously using technology to streamline operations resulting in lower overall operating costs. At Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group all of these savings are passed on to our agents with better commission splits and smarter tools. For us it was simple, higher splits to agents generate more sales, better service, and allow our agents the freedom to operate their business the way they feel is best.

Reach out to us for a confidential appointment and Amanda will personally contact you. You can email or reach Amanda on her cell phone 703-431-3755. Call or text, whatever works best for you!