Staging Your Northern Virginia Home

Real estate agents know better than anyone that presentation and pricing is everything. Other than pricing your home competitively, how can you sell your home quickly? Staging your home and making it presentable can significantly impact how long your home will stay on the market. So if you're hoping to sell your property quickly and seamlessly, try these fool-proof tricks and tips and let your real estate agent worry about the rest.

Say Goodbye to Clutter

Don't be offended if your real estate agent suggests removing your family photos, children's artwork or your collectable knick-knacks. Potential buyers want to imagine their pictures and items in your home, and a cluttered room can make doing this difficult. A crowded home can also be off-putting, so become a temporary minimalist, depersonalize rooms, and put your personal items away.

Brighten It Up

If you're having an open house or professional photos taken, you'll want to make the home as bright as possible. Open the blinds, replace the lightbulbs and turn the lights on. A bright and luminous home is appealing and buyers will feel welcome. Additionally, it will be easier for viewers to see the positive selling features your home has to offer.

Paint by Numbers

An inexpensive way to groom your home is to slab a fresh coat of paint on your walls. Stay away from bright, harsh and dark colors. Opt instead for neutrals such as beige, honey, light gray and white, especially in large rooms. If you insist on having a touch of color, consider painting a bathroom or adding in accent colors through pillows, lamps, etc. Your real estate agent will know that homes with neutral colors are more likely to sell and receive offers.

Spruce It Up

Staging Your HomeWhen you're selling your home, try to imagine what you'd like to see. Fresh flowers are a great way to add a pop of color and cheer to a room. In the Spring, consider peonies and blush tones. In the Fall, you might want to try orange and red flowers. Adding fresh flowers is one of the most inexpensive ways to liven your home and if you want, you can simply raid your own yard.

Bedrooms are Important, Too

While kitchens and bathrooms are one of the more weighted rooms homebuyers look at, bedrooms are important, as well. Make sure the bedroom is tidy, bed is made and closets are clean. Try to use neutral patterned bedding and an elegant bedframe. This will make the room feel appealing and welcoming.

Sell From the Outside In

Curb appeal is also so important when it comes to selling your home. The outside of your home is the first thing potential buyers see, and even though judging a home by the outside is discouraged, it's a natural part of the process. Do some light landscaping, add mulch to dirt areas, pressure-clean your driveway and clear your lawn of toys and debris. Spending a few hours tidying your yard can make all the difference.

Sellers should really consider what it was that made them buy their house and what they're searching for in their next house. If there are certain factors that are appealing to you when you're buying a home, you should try to appeal these same qualities to other buyers. Chances are, a buyer will have the same preferences and your home will sell before you know it.

Do you have any other home-staging tricks? Let us know your tips by commenting below. Or contact the Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group to learn more about selling your home in Northern Virginia.


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    How Can I Increase My Kingstowne VA Home's Value?



    If you are planning to sell your Kingstowne VA home soon, you are likely thinking of ways to increase its value. One of the most common questions I get from my clients is “How can I increase my home’s value?”


    How to choose the best project When you want to boost your home value, the best answer is to update and renovate your house. There are many home projects you can do like upgrading the kitchen, renovating the bathroom, adding a bathroom, installing a deck, and more.


    However, there's a caveat. Home renovation cost a bit of money and not all remodelling projects pay off.


    How will you know what's the best project to undertake? This is where I can help you.


    As your real estate agent, I can give you the best advice on what home improvement projects will pay off for your home. Together, we can decide on the best home updates that will add features buyers love and increase your home’s value.


    Years and years of working with buyers has taught me what they want and I will use that knowledge to help set your home in the best light so that it stands out and impresses buyers.

    Best affordable improvements for resale

    If you will be moving out and selling the house soon, some general sprucing up and cleaning can do wonders for the house. Minor updates don't cost a lot but can go a long way in making the house look amazing.


    Here are some affordable updates you can do.

    1. General home repairs. The moment you decide to sell your house in Kingstowne is the moment you should start listing down the basic repairs the house needs.


    Most buyers prefer move-in ready homes. They've just spent a lot of money on buying a house, so any possible repair projects may turn them off.


    Fix the broken window, replace the leaky faucet, reinforce the kitchen cabinet, do all the minor repairs needed to get your house ready for sale.


    2. Paint it. When the necessary repairs have been completed, it is time to paint. Painting is one of the most cost-effective ways to beautify the home and increase its value.


    Choose neutral colors to paint your home. As much as you would love to paint your living room that vibrant red, restrain yourself and go for something that is classic and simple. Neutral toned colors are easy on the eyes and make the home look more inviting and spacious.


    3. Update the light fixtures. An easy way to give the home a new look is to update the light fixtures. Not only does getting new light fixtures add more life to the living space it also makes the room appear brighter.




    4. Add storage spaces. Most buyers prefer homes with storage spaces. Cramped storage spaces are a major turn off. Adding a closet space in the bedroom or several storage areas in the garage will go a long way in making your home more functional.


    5. Update your kitchen. If there is one room in your house you should update, it is the kitchen. Small, cost-effective renovations like replacing an old and worn out countertop or installing new floor tiles will make your kitchen look modern and well-maintained.


    6. Upgrade the bathroom. Next to the kitchen, the bathroom is the second room in the house that increases the home’s value when updated. If you have a stained old sink, it is time to get a new one. You can also make the bathroom look new by applying fresh caulk and grout.


    7. Add a low maintenance landscape. Create a great first impression and add value to your home by improving your landscape. Landscaping is one the three most effective home improvements that have the biggest returns.


    You don’t need to spend a lot of money to boost the value of your Kingstowne VA home for sale. Minor updates will do a lot for your home without busting the bank.


    There are so many more home selling tips I can share with you. So before you start taking out any walls and making home updates, give me call so I can help you decide on the best updates that will increase your home value.


    When you need a real estate agent with superior local knowledge, professionalism, and outstanding service to help with all your real estate needs, call me, Amanda Davidson, at 703-431-3755.


    In case you can not view this video here, please click the link below to view How Can I Increase My Kingstowne VA Home’s Value? on my YouTube channel: