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5 Must Do's After Buying A Home

5 Must Do’s After Buying A Home

After going through all of the steps it takes to buy a home it’s finally ALL yours! You are a happy new homeowner. You can paint the walls and customize it as much as you like but, before you dive into setting up your nest be sure to take care of these things first. The reason behind them are obvious!


Change The Locks – unless you purchased a new construction home you have no idea how many keys are floating around. Maybe the seller forgot they’d given a key to someone years ago or maybe someone they gave a key too made a copy. It is imperative to change locks immediately after closing. That’s true even if you don’t plan on moving in right away. It’s your call on whether you replace the locks all together or have them rekeyed, just make sure you get one or the other done immediately.



Change Key Codes – many homes have key codes for the garage doors or gates, some even have them for the front door. All of these should be changed as soon as you close on your home. As with the locks to your new home you have no way of knowing who the seller has shared the code with over the years.


Share Your New Address – people always share the life changing news that they’ve become homeowners but, with that comes the need to also update friends, family, creditors, and really anyone you receive mail from of your new address. It’s hard, possibly next to impossible to remember every company you need to notify and because of that you should also submit a change of address with the post office.


Replace Batteries In Smoke Detectors – chances are the home you’ve just purchased has smoke detectors. The home inspector you used very likely tested them but, do you really know when the batteries were last replaced? Having working smoke detectors is a must and it’s a good habit to get into to change the batteries every year. If the smoke detectors have taken on a yellow hue it may be time for replacement. While you’re at it go ahead and check the carbon monoxide detectors too.



Review Your Home Inspection Report – remember those minor repairs in the inspection report that weren’t warranted to ask the seller to take care of? Go back and make a list of what you think needs to be done. Overtime minor repairs can turn into major repairs if they aren’t taken care of.



Closing on a home is exciting but, it can also be overwhelming because there’s so much going on. To avoid trying to remember all the little details that you need to take care of make a list and check items off as you go. You’ll have peace of mind knowing that everything is taken care of and then be able to enjoy settling into your new home.


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