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Holiday Home Safety Tips 2018

Holiday Home Safety Tips 2018
The holidays are tons of fun but, they’re also very busy. When the days are filled with shopping and festivities on top of our normal obligations it’s easy to overlook the little details.


Packages being stolen from homes seems to be at an all-time high. If you’re gone at work all day make arrangements to keep what you purchase safe. Even if it means an extra stop on the way home from work to pick them up from the shipping carrier it’s worth it. Security cameras and doorbells help but, even then they don’t deter some brazen thieves.

Travel is getting ready to kick back into high gear and protecting your home while you’re away should be on your mind. Have a plan in place with a checklist to go through before you leave. If you’re someone who has lights that can be controlled by your phone you’re ahead of the game! They’re a great security feature. If you’re like the majority who do not, don’t let your house sit dark every night. Leaving just one light on a timer isn’t enough. Thieves watch and they’ll quickly be able to tell it’s the same light every night at the same time. Use different lights on different timers but, make sure it’s not one that allows anyone to see into your home. Better yet, ask a neighbor or a friend to pop in and out a couple times, not just to pick up your mail or clear packages from the door but, to actually come and go.

Social media…you’re probably reading this and thinking duh Amanda we all know not to post travel details on social media and I’m sure you do but, the fact is I see SO many people posting their exact travel plans and often with comments saying when they will return home. If you have someone house sitting for you or maybe you watch your security cameras from your phone 24/7 then that’s a different story but, if you don’t have a way to keep a constant eye on your home don’t advertise to the world that you’re away and especially don’t advertise how long you’ll be gone. As bad as it sounds (and it is) not everyone you’re friends with or who follows you has good intentions. Don’t offer any temptation to come to your home and break in. Save those Instagram worthy pictures for when you return home.

Lastly, be mindful of your holiday trash. It’s another way you can advertise to thieves and give them the extra nudge they need to want to break into your home. If expensive or popular gifts have been exchanged at your home don’t just toss the boxes on the curb for the world to see. If you need to, make time to take a trip to the dump and directly dispose of or recycle them. At the very least disguise them in black trash bags that have been tied up to avoid anyone simply being able to casually drive by and see what could be inside your home.

Most importantly set aside a little time to think of what needs to happen to keep your holiday and your home safe!



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