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5 Staging Tips For Selling During The Holidays

5 Staging Tips For Selling During The Holidays

Tis the season for holiday festivities, gift giving, strained budgets, and in this area bitter cold and grey days. This time of year can be hard on sellers but, it doesn’t have to be. Buyers who are out looking in our less than ideal temperatures are serious. They’re certainly not out because the weather is beautiful and the grass is green! Selecting the right holiday décor will have them wanting to toast the New Year in YOUR home.

Holidays are personal on many levels but, when selling your home during the holiday keep your décor neutral.

Try these tips to get buyers in the right spirit:

Clean and Stage - this tip is not holiday related but, it will get you ready to decorate. If you already have dust bunnies rolling across the floor and clutter overflowing on the bookshelf adding decorations is only going to make your home feel smaller. So many sellers overlook having their home spotless for buyers and it’s a big mistake. Hire the professionals if you can both for cleaning and staging.

Less is more – don’t let this idea keep you from adding holiday decorations to your home altogether. The right touches will make your home feel welcoming and cosy. A holiday wreath hung on the door, a new holiday welcome met, or pinecones in an attractive vase will all make your home feel festive without causing it to look cluttered.

Equal Opportunity – remember above when we mentioned neutral décor? This is not the year to break out your life-sized Nativity set. Anything overly religious should not be included when decorating a home that’s for sale during the holidays. You want to attract any buyer and you’re not going to do that if they feel uncomfortable or offended by your décor. Think snowflakes, pinecones, mistletoe, and nutcrackers.

Clark Griswold – leave the inflatables in storage. What might be merry to you could be downright tacky to a buyer. This is not the time cover your yard in inflatables and light up the block. Stick to minimal string lighting, preferably white lights and play up the positives of the exterior of your home.

Tree Time – select a tree based off the space you’re putting it in. Have a two-story foyer or great room? A tall tree can be the perfect accent to showcase it. Be mindful of your floor space and don’t get one that overwhelms it. If you have a tight living space go with a skinny tree. Your tree needs a theme, this is not the year for family ornaments to trim your tree.

With the right holiday décor, your home can immediately get buyers into the holiday spirit. You just have to remember you still want your home to look spacious. Don’t decorate every nook and cranny and keep a theme for your decorations to create consistency. For most of us that means using just a tiny bit of our décor and that’s ok. Just remember, your goal is to be in a new home for the next holiday and then you can decorate any way you’d like!