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An Open House With No Agent

An Open House With No Agent
One of the reasons I love real estate is that no day is ever the same. There’s always something to learn or something new to experience. Last Sunday was a first for me. I was set to meet a new buyer and noticed there was going to be an open house. She preferred a private showing and the house was vacant so I set an appointment for an hour before the open was set to begin.


I arrived a few minutes before my client and noticed that the open house signs were out and the door was open so I walked in just thinking that maybe the agent was setting up. No one was inside but, the lights were on so then I thought maybe the agent was putting more signs up or maybe ran back to the car for something. My clients arrived and we toured the property, while we were there an open house visitor showed up and started asking questions. They were so confused when I explained that I’m not the agent who is holding the open. We stayed at the property for close to 30 minutes and when we were finishing up I tried calling the agent but, didn’t get an answer.

I decided to wait around after my clients left because I was starting to worry that maybe something had happened to the agent. Someone had been there to set up as signs were out, listing info was out, the listing agent’s business cards were present, and the lockbox was closed but, I checked and it did have a key in it. About 20 minutes passed and I started debating on what to do, should I lock up? Should I call the agents office? Decisions, Decisions.

I decided to try calling the agent one more time and this time he answered. Never in a million years could I have guessed that he’d tell me to stop calling him because he’s out showing to clients and that yes he knows the door is open. Leave it as I found it because the house is vacant and there’s nothing of value there. He’s very busy and doesn’t have time to waste sitting around at an open house. At that moment my mind just went blank, all I could get out of my mouth was ok and I hung up right after that.

I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes after that to compose my thoughts. This property is an estate sale and I’m guessing the agent thinks the sellers will never find out he can’t be bothered to properly host an open house. How would he feel if someone propped the door open to his home and left? I have since contacted his broker who thankfully seemed appalled and genuine in wanting to address it. I really hope she follows through on that. I’ll never understand how agents like this stay in business, it’s situations like this that give honest and ethical agents a bad reputation. As with most professions, not all agents are created equal. Sellers and buyers should really invest time into researching and getting referrals for reputable agents and then make their decision on who to work with. Having the right agent working on your behalf who always puts your best interests first is priceless.



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