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Keeping Things In Perspective

Keeping Things In Perspective

I caught myself feeling down earlier this week. We were set to leave tomorrow to head to the Outer Banks for our annual vacation there. We have gone for a week in September for the last three years and were set to stay in the house we got engaged in last year. Needless to say with Hurricane Florence our vacation was cancelled.

I was feeling down about not being able to have a vacation that I’ve been looking forward to for months and feeling angry that we lost thousands of dollars and then it, fortunately, hit me that I was really being ridiculous. Is it a bummer we won’t have a vacation or be able to celebrate a year of being engaged – absolutely but, will it make any serious impact on our lives? Absolutely not.

There are so many people that will lose their homes, their belongings, and everything that makes them feel safe from this hurricane. Worse, there are some people that will lose their lives. All of which are life-changing events that will have an impact forever. It’s really easy to feel sorry for yourself when something like a vacation gets cancelled but, in the big picture, it’s just not important. A vacation and the money that was paid can be replaced. Yes, a home can be replaced too but, your life will never be the same after suffering that large of a loss.

I have to admit I felt like a jerk for even allowing myself to feel down or sad about something like not getting to take a vacation. My parents are in Charleston, South Carolina and could have massive damage from flooding, we have friends in Mount Pleasant, Paul has family in the Outer Banks area, my friends from ActiveRain, and in addition to those personal connections there are many people whom I don’t know who will be severely impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Life is about keeping things in perspective and what might seem like something big at the time is often really quite small when you take a step back and look at the big picture. This weekend, I’ll be focused on being grateful for having a dry home where my fiancé and dogs are safe while praying for those who are dealing with the storm and the path of destruction it leaves behind.



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