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6 Fall Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter

6 Fall Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Summer seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye this year. With the change of season comes time for maintenance to your home. Putting off maintenance items will often cause bigger problems to occur which in turn costs you more money. Use our tips as a guide to make sure your home is prepared for winter.


HVAC Service – contact your preferred HVAC technician to have your system inspected and serviced before the cold temperatures arrive. Systems tend to have problems and stop running in extreme temperatures. Don’t risk being without heat on a cold winter day.


Check Your Roof – have your roof inspected for missing or damaged shingles, clogged gutters, and loose gutters. If you have a ridge vent also have it inspected to make sure it doesn’t need to be secured or sealed to prevent water intrusion.  

Clean The Gutters – when your roof is being inspected if the gutters are clogged have them cleaned. Clogged gutters can cause leaks in the roof, rotten fascia that leads to water intrusion or even a flood in the basement.

Winterize Exterior Faucets – this is a really important item that often gets overlooked. Before the first freeze, you want to turn off and drain all exterior faucets otherwise known as winterizing them. This will prevent any water from being trapped in the pipes, freezing, and then causing a pipe to burst.

Chimney Sweep – before you have your first fire of the season be sure to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. Knowing that your chimney is in good working order is a sound safety precaution to take. The peace of mind alone knowing that there’s no buildup and the structure is safe will be worth every penny.

Purchase Winter Weather Essentials – get your snow shovel, ice melt, candles, flashlights, gloves, and any other winter storm supplies you need to purchase long before there’s a storm predicted. You’ll not only pay less, you also won’t risk the chance of the items being sold out. We all know that in Northern Virginia we can overact just a bit when the weatherman is predicting snow!


If you live in Northern Virginia and need a referral for a trusted professional to take care of any of the above maintenance items contact us. We'd be happy to give you some recommendations!




An Open House With No Agent

An Open House With No Agent
One of the reasons I love real estate is that no day is ever the same. There’s always something to learn or something new to experience. Last Sunday was a first for me. I was set to meet a new buyer and noticed there was going to be an open house. She preferred a private showing and the house was vacant so I set an appointment for an hour before the open was set to begin.


I arrived a few minutes before my client and noticed that the open house signs were out and the door was open so I walked in just thinking that maybe the agent was setting up. No one was inside but, the lights were on so then I thought maybe the agent was putting more signs up or maybe ran back to the car for something. My clients arrived and we toured the property, while we were there an open house visitor showed up and started asking questions. They were so confused when I explained that I’m not the agent who is holding the open. We stayed at the property for close to 30 minutes and when we were finishing up I tried calling the agent but, didn’t get an answer.

I decided to wait around after my clients left because I was starting to worry that maybe something had happened to the agent. Someone had been there to set up as signs were out, listing info was out, the listing agent’s business cards were present, and the lockbox was closed but, I checked and it did have a key in it. About 20 minutes passed and I started debating on what to do, should I lock up? Should I call the agents office? Decisions, Decisions.

I decided to try calling the agent one more time and this time he answered. Never in a million years could I have guessed that he’d tell me to stop calling him because he’s out showing to clients and that yes he knows the door is open. Leave it as I found it because the house is vacant and there’s nothing of value there. He’s very busy and doesn’t have time to waste sitting around at an open house. At that moment my mind just went blank, all I could get out of my mouth was ok and I hung up right after that.

I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes after that to compose my thoughts. This property is an estate sale and I’m guessing the agent thinks the sellers will never find out he can’t be bothered to properly host an open house. How would he feel if someone propped the door open to his home and left? I have since contacted his broker who thankfully seemed appalled and genuine in wanting to address it. I really hope she follows through on that. I’ll never understand how agents like this stay in business, it’s situations like this that give honest and ethical agents a bad reputation. As with most professions, not all agents are created equal. Sellers and buyers should really invest time into researching and getting referrals for reputable agents and then make their decision on who to work with. Having the right agent working on your behalf who always puts your best interests first is priceless.



How Did Home Sales Perform in Alexandria in August 2018?

How Did Home Sales Perform in Alexandria in August 2018?
Let’s take a look at how Alexandria home sales performed during August 2018. We’ll look at the numbers first and then go over the story behind them.



Here are the stats for August 2018 in Alexandria…

•Number of Sales: 491 (decrease from 582 in July)

•Highest Priced Sale: $3,000,000

•Lowest Priced Sale: $82,500

•Median Sale Price: $470,000 (decrease from $492,750 in July)

•Median Days on Market: 13 (no change from July)

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 98.43% (increase from 98.31% in July)



To gain perspective let’s go back and compare to August 2017…

•Number of Sales: 491

•Highest Priced Sale: $3,120,000

•Lowest Priced Sale: $112,500

•Median Sale Price: $455,000

•Median Days on Market: 16

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 97.75%

Comparing the previous year highlights changes in the market. In this case, the market has remained very consistent with the exception of the median sale price which saw a 3.29% increase.



Active Listings in Alexandria
As of 
today, there are 965 homes for sale in Alexandria. A slight increase from 898 during the same timeframe last month – good news for buyers. The lowest priced property is a 1 bedroom, 1 bath condo with 850 square feet listed at $109,900 and the highest is a 6 bedroom, 4.5 bath single family home with 8,145 square feet listed at $7,500,000. Current active listings in Alexandria have an average of 41 days on the market, a decrease of 10 days as compared to last month.

Pending Sales in Alexandria
There are currently 546 homes under contract. Median days on the market for the pending homes is 26, an increase of a day as compared to last month.

View homes for sale in Alexandria



Is Alexandria Experiencing A Buyer’s Or A Seller’s Market?

The real estate market in Alexandria remains a seller’s market. There’s been a lot of talk about the market crashing and that’s simply not accurate. That said, the market is not as frenzied as it was this spring and in our opinion, that’s a good thing. It’s not realistic to sustain the conditions we experienced this spring. 5, 10, sometimes 20+ offers on homes being one of those conditions isn’t something that’s healthy in the real estate market long term. The market is balancing itself from the spring – it’s not a balanced market though, sellers are still in the driver’s seat. Buyers, however, have a bit more inventory to choose from now than they did earlier this year. We’ve experienced that buyers want a turnkey product and they want to see the value – overpricing your home in the current market conditions will absolutely cause it to sit on the market. Do not try to chase the market if you’re a seller, buyers will spot your overpriced home and steer clear of making an offer. The cost of a price reduction or high days on the market will be far higher than pricing your home correctly right from the start. Homes are still moving quickly and those that sell the fastest have three things in common, they’re priced according to the market, they’re updated, and they show well. Making your home convenient for agents to bring buyers for a tour is also key to a successful sale. We recently had buyers interested in seeing a few homes and one was taken off the list because it only showed from noon to 1 pm during the week. That didn’t work at all for our buyers so they simply removed it from the homes they wanted to see. Having flexible showing hours when your home is for sale is important!



If you’re a buyer in Alexandria you’ve got more homes to choose from and less competition from other buyers than earlier this year – good news! Rates are on the rise, even though they’re still historically low they are increasing and that means waiting to buy is going to cost you more. That could be both in the form of a higher rate and higher sale price on your home as home prices continue to rise too. We’re still seeing homes at the $600k and below price point move very quickly in Alexandria. Multiple offer situations aren’t as common as they were earlier this year but, they do still exist. If you find a home that shows well, is priced correctly, and just came on the market the odds of other buyers being interested is still strong. Don’t delay in making a solid offer, waiting a few days could mean you never get the chance. Rely on your agent to give you insight on the pulse of the market in the neighborhood you’re considering buying in. having someone working on your behalf who is immersed in the Alexandria real estate market is priceless.



Reach out to Amanda at 703-431-3755 or email to ask questions about the Alexandria real estate market or to arrange for a market analysis on your home. Market reports are a great tool to provide general information but, they sure don’t replace a market analysis that’s based on the unique features your home offers from an agent who understands the intricacies of the Alexandria real estate market. Just interested in a general estimate for your homes current value? Use our free home value tool to receive a free estimate in minutes.


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Discover the Best-Kept Secrets for Making Your Home a Magnet for Homebuyers!

Kingstowne VA Home

How do you make your home a magnet for homebuyers?

Getting maximum interest in your home can be challenging, especially if you haven’t experienced preparing a home for sale before.

If you don’t get the right agent to assist you, chances are homebuyers will keep driving to the next home on their list and your Kingstowne VA property will end up lingering on the market for months.

In this article, I will share with you some secrets that will help make your home a magnet for homebuyers.

Remember: First impression is everything

When selling your home, the first impression is what counts. The more appeal your home has, the more likely it is to sell fast and be bought at a higher selling price.

Imagine that you are a homebuyer driving around a community to search for homes. If you pass by a home and are not impressed with what you see, what will you do? You will keep driving to the next home until you finally chance upon the home that appeals to you, right?

Considering the current market conditions in Virginia, any advantage that your home has will help it compete with the other homes on the market. If your home is physically attractive to captivate homebuyers, it has the advantage. So, if you are selling your home, try to look at your property from the street and ask yourself, “is my home appealing enough from the outside to make homebuyers want to investigate it further?”

Kingstowne VA Homes


Make your house feel like home

While curb appeal is a fundamental part of the equation when selling a home, it is not the only part of the equation. The interiors of your home matter, too. If your home is attractive enough from the outside but its interiors are not good enough to make your house feel like home, then any effort you make to make it attractive from the outside is futile.

Say a house hunter who is driving around your neighborhood stops by your home. Are you ready to have the interiors of your house checked? If he comes in, will he look at your house as a place where he can live in the future? Or will he look at it harshly thinking that you have not done anything to maintain it?

Prepare your house for sale and maximize your proceeds!

If you are selling your home, your top goal must be to sell it fast and for the best price possible. You and I can work together to achieve this goal. In fact, there are easy and inexpensive strategies you can do to make your home appealing to prospective buyers while I do the rest of the job.

#1: Improve your home’s curb appeal

In Northern Virginia real estate, there is a saying that “curb appeal is king.” This saying applies whether you are getting your home in Kingstowne VA ready to sell or are simply updating it to adapt to your needs.

You may think that enhancing your lawn doesn’t sound as exciting as modernizing your kitchen, but when it comes to preparing your home for sale, it is in many ways just as crucial as improving the interiors of your home.

Remember: Your curb appeal shows your neighborhood pride; it reflects who you are.

Take a fresh look




Especially if you have lived in your house for so long, you might find it hard to see its flaws. As you get started with improving your curb appeal, try looking at your house as though you were looking at your neighbor’s. Does it have overgrown bushes or faded paint areas? How about weeds, a missing shutter or poorly mulched beds?

If you look at your home from a buyer’s perspective, it will be easier for you to not overlook the minor problems with your home. You may think that weeds are just weeds, but they can be a major turnoff to buyers. Imagine losing a prospective buyer just because you failed to pull out those visible weeds from your flowerbeds. You wouldn’t want that to happen, would you?

Pay attention to details!

There are lots of details involved when improving your curb appeal. These improvements are easy to make and won’t burn a hole in your pocket, but they do yield big results.

Here are some of the small projects you can do to make your house catch the interest of homebuyers when they view your house from the street:

1.      Give your entrance a facelift

Nothing sells a house faster than a clean, fresh look. To make the entrance of your home warm and inviting, give it a new coat of paint or a new front door. You can also place large planters with flowers in them on either side of the door to create a focal point where prospective buyers can focus their eyes on.

2.      Wash all your windows.

3.      Clean out your garage.

The Virginia real estate market is very competitive. If you want to increase your chances of a speedy sale for top dollar, one of the small projects you can undertake as you prepare your home for sale is cleaning your garage. A clean garage impresses homebuyers. They want your house as perfect as possible, so don’t expect them to overlook details.

Consider these helpful tips for cleaning out your garage. At the end of the day, you’ll be amazed how much more your organized garage can actually hold!

  •  Take everything out and focus on cleaning the ceiling, floor and walls. Start from the top and work your way down.

  • Pile up all the items you took out of your garage and examine which of them you should keep, throw out or sell. If you find it hard to decide, take it from “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” author Marie Kondo: "If an object isn’t bringing you joy, get rid of it.”

  • Organize. Do some shelving to organize your essential garage items and free up some space. You can also mount ceiling hooks to hold sports equipment, bicycles or camping gear and stack containers to maximize your vertical space.

4.      Landscape your yard

Okay, so you’ve put time and thought into your enhancing your entryway and cleaning out your garage, but what about your lawn?

 Real Estate Properties in Kingstowne VA



I can never stress enough how important landscaping your yard is when it comes to improving your curb appeal. A well-groomed lawn gives buyers the impression that your house is well taken care of, both outside and inside.

When prospective homebuyers visit, your house’s yard is what they notice first. When they see that your lawn is boring or unkept, it will give them the impression that your property looks far from inviting.

I mentioned earlier the importance of a great first impression in luring homebuyers, and your lawn has a lot to do with that. Here are some strategies you can try to enhance your lawn:

  • Create shade areas. Do you have a landscaping plan? If yes, then make sure it provides shade for all areas of your property. You can plan shade trees in the northwest corner of your home to provide shade during times of the day when the owner of the home needs shade.

  • Go for ground cover or low shrub. You can plant shrub around your yard to add visual appeal to your curb. Since you are living in Virginia, however, you must check local Virginia ordinances regarding plantings. Some local governments prohibit tall shrub due to safety concerns.

  • Consider the height of your porch. The landscaping design you choose for your home should take into the various structures. If your house is only one or two steps above the ground, you don’t necessarily need to border it by tall shrubs---ground cover or low-growing shrubs will do.

  • Choose the right varieties of flowers. The climate in Virginia is just right for growing flowers. Flowers play a huge role in landscaping, not only because they add color but because they make your lawn look alive.  And that’s basically what attracts buyers—a property that looks alive.

Homes in Kingstowne VA

Planting flowers is not only cost effective; it is also a dazzling way to improve your curb appeal.

If you want to add some visual appeal and excitement to your home and catch the eye of house hunters, plant flowers! It will also give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy the beautiful weather in Virginia.

Here are flowers that are easy to grow and thrive in this part of Northern Virginia:

  • Daylilies

  • Bright red salvia plant

  • Sun-loving sedums

  • Hostas

Homes in Kingstowne VA



The flowers you choose for your home depend on your personal preference. You might want an assortment of plants and colors, or incorporate different shades of green and various textures with just a few pops of colors here and there.

And oh, how you set up your plants in your lawn also matters! If you have a front porch, it is best to set potted plants on your front steps. Now if you have a sidewalk that leads to your front door, it will be nice to plant flowers along each side of the concrete path. You can also hang plants next to your front door. Play around with your options to determine which setup suits your space best.

If you haven’t maintained your lawn for long, chances are weeds have already started to gain a foothold in there and you’ll have a hard time accomplishing any of the landscaping enhancements I suggested above. Check out this video to know how to get your weedy lawn back in control:


5.      Paint

Whether you are dreaming of a refreshed look for your home to improve its curb appeal or simply want to love what you see when you pull into your driveway, it helps giving your home’s exterior a fresh coat of paint.

Choosing a paint color for the exterior of your home is quite a commitment, especially when you consider the nuance of color. But don’t worry, here are classic exterior color choices for Virginia homes you can pick from:


  • Bright and elegant white

When it comes to painting your home, you will never go wrong with white. It does not only make your home look spotless; it also creates the perfect backdrop to showcase your beautiful landscaping.

Kingstowne VA Real Estate Properties



  • Beautiful neutrals

Exterior color schemes that include tans, browns and creams usually blend seamlessly with landscaping and help highlight the architectural details of a home.

  • Bold and stately

Dark exterior paint colors that include mid to dark grays, hunter greens and navy blues are beautiful options if you want to find the middle ground between classic charm and current trends.


6.      Power wash your outdoor space

As a real estate agent, it is easy for me to tell which homes on the market are going to appeal to active homebuyers. Active buyers can tell that, too!

If you are thinking about how to get maximum interest in your property, remember that nothing impresses homebuyers more than a clean house. I mentioned earlier how important details are in preparing your home for sale, and that pretty much includes ensuring that your house is sparkling clean so it is always ready for showings.

Here’s the secret: Buyers are drawn to properties that give them a “like new” feel. And you shouldn’t wait for them to enter your house to give them that feel. To make them even want to see your house’s interiors, your driveways and sidewalks should be clean enough to invite them in.

So you have already enhanced your curb appeal. What’s next? Make your house feel like home.

Staging your home: Yes, it’s worth it!

Even if it’s your first time to sell a home in Virginia, you’ve probably heard of home staging before, and you probably know that this has to do with cutting the clutter and rearranging your furniture for optimal buyer appeal.

Well, there is actually more to home staging than making your house look beautiful. It’s more about making your house feel like home. It’s about tapping into prospective homebuyers’ emotions when searching for a property and making them visualize your house as their future home. Home staging is your gateway to success!


Do you know how much difference home staging can make in your home sale? A world of difference!

Yes, staging your home can make a world of difference in how quickly it sells. In fact, professional home staging can literally be the difference between finding a buyer for your home in days versus not being able to sell your home at all. I know that sounds pretty much like an exaggeration, but every home stager will agree how true that can be, so take it from me.

Check out this video to see how home staging makes your home look bigger:

Take a look at these home staging statistics and see how it actually works.

Kingstowne VA Homes for Sale




As a homeowner, your goal is to make your home attractive to buyers so you can sell it quickly and command top dollar. If you want to achieve this two-fold goal, stage your home. Highlight your house’s best assets and minimize its less-than-ideal aspects. Pare down and cut the clutter.

Local Realtor and stager Sharon Goetz once said, “The biggest crime is that people have too much stuff.” I strongly agree.

I have gathered here some valuable home some staging tips from reputable Virginia-based home stagers that will make your home a magnet for homebuyers.


1.      Give every room a purpose.

According to Stephanie Kelley, you shouldn’t be in a guessing game with potential buyers as to the use of the rooms in your home. Place your furniture in their proper places and let your home speak for itself.

2.      Paint.

I’ve discussed earlier how painting the exteriors of your home can give your property a new look. Well, do you know that painting the interiors of your home also affects your home’s selling price? And there’s a study to prove it!

Zillow Digs recently conducted a study on 50,000 homes and found that homes sell for more or less depending on the colors used to paint their rooms! For example, kitchens painted yellow sell for an average of $1,360 more, while kitchens painted white sell for an average of $82 less.

3.      Use proper lighting.

Do you know why a big window at the end of a hallway or an exterior view engages you? Because you are psychologically programmed to move towards light.

According to Virginia home stager Stephanie Kelley, one of the keys to making your home look light, bright and livable is to have at least three lamps in each of your rooms. Who wants to live in a dark and gloomy home anyway?

Kingstowne VA Home for Sale



Think of these four ways you can maximize lighting at your home:

  • Ask yourself: “What is this room going to be used for?”

There are rooms that need just enough lighting, while there are rooms that need layers of lighting, like your kitchen. When installing your light sources, think of functionality and practicality.

  • Use it to set the mood.

Adjust the brightness of your light sources depending on the mood you want to set for a particular room. You can use dimmers to achieve just the right feel to every room.

  • Use lighting to highlight a space.

Imagine if your dining room does not have a pendant lighting above your dining table. The room looks unimportant, doesn’t it? But when you install a chandelier there, it highlights the table and makes the room look important.

  • Use it to create drama.

Giving your room a mix of light sources adds some drama to your home. In fact, lighting can be considered a decorating touch all by itself. If you want to maximize the use of your lighting, you can incorporate different light sources in a room instead of using just one large glaring light in the middle of your ceiling.

Here are some lighting design rules you may want to consider for your home:

4.      Clear furniture away from walls.

Kingstowne VA Home




Are you guilty of shoving all your furniture away from the middle of your room, thinking that will help make your room look more spacious? You might not have heard this before, but this is actually a big decorating and staging faux pas. Doing this doesn’t make your room look bigger---it only makes it look odd.

I suggest that you float your furniture instead, or pick layouts that will emphasize the function and natural flow of each of your rooms.

5.   Don’t over personalize.

Again, your goal as a home seller is to make prospective homebuyers identify with your home and allow them to visualize it as their future home. How can you do that if your home is filled with overly personal stuff like photos, refrigerator magnets, certificates or books?

As Goetz put it, “it’s tough love.” Don’t let buyers raise an eyebrow at your taste or disagree with your religion. Don’t remind them that the house they’re in is your residence and not their future home.

6.      Don’t overstuff your closets and bookshelves.

Home stagers in Virginia suggest that as you prepare your home for sale, you empty out your bookshelves and closets by at least 20%. Some even suggest that you empty it out by 50%! Why? Because cramming these spaces with too much stuff will only make them look smaller.

Always remember: Homebuyers love space---a lot of it. You are staging your home not because you are selling your stuff, but because you are selling your square footage, so show off as much space as you can.

7.      Repair

Nobody wants to buy a home that looks beaten up. If you think you have failed to keep your home well maintained throughout the years, you have a problem. Otherwise, this part should be easy for you.

Homes for Sale in Kingstowne VA




When staging your home, even the littlest things matter. Little issues with your light fixtures and faucets can make your home look beaten up if you don’t repair them, and that’s the last thing you want prospective buyers to see in your home.

Yes, I know every house is subject to wear and tear. But the good news is that there are repairs you can still do to make it seem ship-shape!


Ø  Install new caulking around your showers, tubs and sinks

Ø  Make sure all your light bulbs are working

Ø  Sweep your chimneys

Ø  Change your outdated cabinet hardware

Ø  Repair your broken window screens or door knobs

Ø  Make sure that all your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are functioning

Ø  Replace broken tiles and shingles


If you are not the handyman type, chances are you will overlook these small details and ultimately turn off your buyers. And I’m not just talking here about the repairs. From enhancing your curb appeal to staging your home, it pays to have a good eye for details.

If you hire me as your real estate agent, I will help you spot the defects of your home and will even recommend service partners to facilitate all the needed improvements and repairs.  

As more and more Kingstowne VA houses hit the market and more and more buyers try to snag a good deal, expect the competition to be tight so keep this in mind—YOUR HOME NEEDS TO BE A CUT ABOVE THE REST. I can do that for you.

Call me today at 703-431-3755 so we can discuss when we can walk through your home together and devise a winning strategy to make your property a magnet for homebuyers. Before you know it, I have already sold your home!



















Sold In Brambleton | 42270 Rhett Drive Ashburn, Va 20148

Sold In Brambleton – 42270 Rhett Drive Ashburn, Va 20148
Phenomenal Brownstone ~ Luxury Living In Brambleton

42270 Rhett Drive in Brambleton is now sold and closed. I am grateful for my incredible sellers, there were challenges with the buyers financing we had to work through and they were so patient. Everyone's perseverance paid off!

This impeccable home offers over 3,000 square feet of living space and is a
two-minute walk to Brambleton Town Center. A premium lot, open floor plan, and upgrades throughout await you!

42270 Rhett Drive was constructed in 2011 by Miller and Smith. This luxury end unit townhome offers 4 bedrooms, 3 full baths, and 1 half bath. As you walk through the front door you’re greeted with hardwood floors, a spacious recreation room, recessed lighting, tons of storage, one bedroom, and one full bath. Step down a couple stairs and walk out into the attached 2 car garage featuring an electric car charging station, parking sensors, and ceiling storage racks.

The main level has a fabulous open layout. Enjoy the gourmet eat-in kitchen with upgraded stainless steel appliances, huge island, and granite countertops. Plentiful windows allow natural light to flow into the kitchen and living area while mature landscaping on the end of the home protects your privacy. Relax in the living room with the gas fireplace while you watch your favorite show or step out onto the terrace overlooking the trees and turn on your outdoor gas fireplace. The separate dining room on the main level offers spacious accommodations for family and friends. The options are endless with the versatilePeirreport model.

On the upper level of 42270 RhettDrive, you’ll find 3 bedrooms and 2 full baths. The master bedroom offers spacious accommodations with a custom walk-in closet, attached master bath with dual vanities, and shower with upgraded tile. Both spare bedrooms are generous in size and have walk-in closets. The laundry room is conveniently located on the upper level and has cabinets above the washer dryer for additional storage.

42270 Rhett Drive is within minutes to the future Silver Line Metro Station. Enjoy all that the Brambleton lifestyle offers- outdoor pools, parks, community center, fitness center, clubhouse, sports courts, and tot lots. High-speed internet and cable are included in the HOA fee.

For more information about Brambleton or to see homes similar to 42270 Rhett Drive contact Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group 703-988-1711 or





Condos For Sale In Eton Square Alexandria Virginia | September 2018 Market Update

Condos For Sale In Eton Square Alexandria Virginia | September 2018 Market Update

Eton Square is located in the Kingstowne area of Alexandria. The garden-style condos have a brick and siding exterior with attractive archways. The generous amount of windows in the condos provide for wonderful natural light to fill each room. There are no elevators in Eton Square. Residents enjoy use of tennis courts, an outdoor pool, tot lots, and a fitness center.



View condos for sale in Eton Square


What’s Nearby Eton Square?
The neighborhood is conveniently located off South Van Dorn Street and Kingstowne Village Parkway. Living in Eton Square provides walkability to Kingstowne Towne Center. The center is home to two grocery stores, Kingstowne 16 Movie Theatre, Pasara Thai, East Moon Bistro. Bonefish Grill, Osaka, Home Goods, TJ Maxx, Cava and many other dining and retail locations. Commuting from Eton Square is also convenient – the neighborhood is within minutes of 495, 395, 95, and Fairfax County Parkway. There are two metro stations nearby, Van Dorn and Franconia-Springfield. Hilltop Village Center and Springfield Town Center are less than five minutes away both with plentiful options for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Whether it’s daily needs, entertainment, or commuting Eton Square puts you within minutes of all of them.



What Schools Will The Kids Attend?

Eton Square is located on either side of Kingstowne Village Blvd. Depending on which side you live on will determine which school children will attend. Schools associated with the neighborhood are Franconia Elementary, Hayfield Elementary, Hayfield Secondary, Twain Middle, and Edison High Schools. You can visit the Fairfax County school boundary locator to determine which schools are associated with an address in Eton Square. Visit GreatSchools for more information about these schools.

Eton Square Real Estate Market

The following is a review of activity in Eton Square since January 2018.

•Number of Sales: 17

•Highest Priced Sale: $315,000

•Lowest Priced Sale: $193,000

•Median Sales Price: $285,000

•Median Days on Market: 19

•Average Sales Price to List Price Ratio: 98.89%

Eton Square Market Update January 1, 2017 – December 31, 2017

•Number of Sales: 33

•Highest Priced Sale: $374,500

•Lowest Priced Sale: $207,000

•Median Sales Price: $275,000

•Median Days on Market: 15

•Average Sales Price to List Price Ratio: 97.65%

Current Inventory for Eton Square in Alexandria, Virginia as of September 16, 2018

•Active Listings: 5

•Lowest Priced Listing: $279,900

•Highest Priced Listing: $319,900


Inventory constantly changes, check back often for new listings or reach out to us to have a customized listing alert created. You’ll be notified of new listings right away and won’t miss out on any properties.

If you are considering selling your Eton Square condo and would like to receive a free estimate of its value in the current market visit our home value tool. This is just an estimate and doesn’t replace a precise market analysis. Reach out to us if you’d like to set up an in-home consultation to discuss your selling goals and receive a current market analysis on your condo.


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Keeping Things In Perspective

Keeping Things In Perspective

I caught myself feeling down earlier this week. We were set to leave tomorrow to head to the Outer Banks for our annual vacation there. We have gone for a week in September for the last three years and were set to stay in the house we got engaged in last year. Needless to say with Hurricane Florence our vacation was cancelled.

I was feeling down about not being able to have a vacation that I’ve been looking forward to for months and feeling angry that we lost thousands of dollars and then it, fortunately, hit me that I was really being ridiculous. Is it a bummer we won’t have a vacation or be able to celebrate a year of being engaged – absolutely but, will it make any serious impact on our lives? Absolutely not.

There are so many people that will lose their homes, their belongings, and everything that makes them feel safe from this hurricane. Worse, there are some people that will lose their lives. All of which are life-changing events that will have an impact forever. It’s really easy to feel sorry for yourself when something like a vacation gets cancelled but, in the big picture, it’s just not important. A vacation and the money that was paid can be replaced. Yes, a home can be replaced too but, your life will never be the same after suffering that large of a loss.

I have to admit I felt like a jerk for even allowing myself to feel down or sad about something like not getting to take a vacation. My parents are in Charleston, South Carolina and could have massive damage from flooding, we have friends in Mount Pleasant, Paul has family in the Outer Banks area, my friends from ActiveRain, and in addition to those personal connections there are many people whom I don’t know who will be severely impacted by Hurricane Florence.

Life is about keeping things in perspective and what might seem like something big at the time is often really quite small when you take a step back and look at the big picture. This weekend, I’ll be focused on being grateful for having a dry home where my fiancé and dogs are safe while praying for those who are dealing with the storm and the path of destruction it leaves behind.



Kingstowne Home Sales August 2018 Market Update

Kingstowne Home Sales August 2018 Market Update

The number of homes sold in Kingstowne decreased by 4 from last month. Sellers are still seeing a strong sale to list price ratio and days on the market remain low. 

Let’s check in on what happened in the Kingstowne market during August 2018.

•Number of Sales: 52

•Highest Priced Sale: $811,450

•Lowest Priced Sale: $139,000

•Median Sales Price: $481,632

•Median Days on Market: 12

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 98.85%



Is It A Buyer’s Or A Seller’s Market?
It is still a seller’s market in Kingstowne. Throughout 2018 it has remained a seller’s market. Supply in Kingstowne continues to struggle to keep up with demand.

View homes for sale in Kingstowne



Current Inventory In Kingstowne

There are currently 83 homes for sale in Kingstowne. An increase of 17 from this time last month but, it’s again important to point out that the Crest Of Alexandria a 55+ active adult community has added new construction listings and they account for part of the increase, 10 of the current listings are in the community. Inventory is still low and it remains a seller’s market. Many homes are still selling in a matter of days but, for the second month in a row days on the market inched up. That does not mean they’re high though, 12 days on the market is still extremely low but, it tells us that homes that don’t show buyers their value from day one will sit longer on the market. The Kingstowne real estate market is strong and homes continue to move quickly but, only when they show well and are priced correctly. Buyers are savvy and they know it’s a seller’s market, in turn, they expect a turnkey ready product that shows them it’s worth its price. It continues to be an excellent time to list your Kingstowne home for sale. Proper preparation, pricing, and presentation are key components to a successful sale. Positioning your home to appeal to buyers both in its condition and value will help you attain top dollar in the shortest time possible. Partner with a local agent you trust that understands the ins and outs of the Kingstowne real estate market. The smallest details make the biggest impact when selling your home.



If you’d like to know more about the Kingstowne real estate market or have questions about buying or selling reach out to us. We are a small boutique brokerage with an in-depth understanding of the Kingstowne real estate market. Delivering a seamless real estate experience with personalized service to our clients is always our focus.

Receive a free home value estimate within minutes. Our home value tool is just a guide if you are looking for a precise analysis of the current value of your home nothing replaces the expertise of a local agent with years of experience selling homes. Reach out to us for a free consultation.


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Kingstowne Housing Market Update July 2018





Buying A Townhouse In Kingstowne

Buying A Townhouse In Kingstowne

When you’re buying a home deciding on where you want to buy is a big decision. Kingstowne is an area many buyers select because of its close proximity to Washington DC, public transportation, amenities and access to daily needs. If you’re thinking about buying a townhouse in Kingstowne there’s a lot to consider.



Kingstowne Townhome Features to Consider

As a starting point, you’ll want to think about how many bedrooms and baths you’re looking for but, that’s just the basics.

There are many other features to consider when purchasing a townhome.

End unit vs. interior unit

Garage vs. no garage - 1 car vs. 2 car garage

Assigned parking

Yard – fenced in vs. open, patio, grass


Two or three levels

Basement vs. no basement – finished basement vs. unfinished



What Is It Like To Live In Kingstowne?

There are many neighborhoods within the Kingstowne community to consider. They all have their own personalities. Every neighborhood in the Kingstowne community is a part of the Kingstowne Residential Owners Corporation. This means that if you decide to buy in one of the neighborhoods you’ll be agreeing to abide by the rules they have in place. When you’re purchasing a home within an HOA you’ll receive a resale packet with the covenants and bylaws. It’s important to thoroughly read through it and be sure you’re comfortable with the rules.



Kingstowne Amenities

Living in Kingstowne also comes with its perks in the form of access to amenities. Kingstowne is unique because it has over 1,200 acres of green space and the owners association has done a wonderful job of maintaining it. Other amenities include –

  • Aerobics Studio
  • Community Centers - 3
  • Fitness Centers - 2
  • Multi-Purpose Courts - 3
  • Ourdoor Pools - 2
  • Tennis Courts - 6
  • Tot Lots - 25
  • Volleyball Courts - 3
  • Walking Trails – 22 miles


Kingstowne Lake is a beautiful area to enjoy, read more about it and other things to do in Kingstowne.



Commuting From Kingstowne

Traffic in Northern Virginia is a challenge and many residents find Kingstowne’s proximity to the beltway appealing. It’s also within minutes to two metro stations, Franconia-Springfiend Metro and Van Dorn Metro. Many of the neighborhoods also offer commuter bus stops making it just a quick walk to get your commute started.



Shopping and Dining In Kingstowne

Access to daily needs, entertainment, and dining are within minutes of every house in Kingstowne. The Kingstowne Towne center is home to two grocery stores, over 25 dining options, retail, and Kingstowne 16 Movie Theater. Other shopping centers in the area include Festival At Manchester Lakes, Landsdowne Center, and Hilltop Village Center. Just a few minutes down Franconia Road is Springfield Town Center, home to Target and plentiful retail and dining options.



Schools In Kingstowne

Depending on where your home is in Kingstowne will determine where the kids attend school. There are two high schools in the area, Hayfield and Edison. With the exception of homes in the North Village high school aged children will attend Hayfield. Homes in the North Village tie to Edison High School. You can get more information about these schools at  – including test scores.

If you don’t have children something to consider when purchasing a townhome in Kingstowne is whether or not you want to live close to a school.



Whether you’re looking to buy a townhouse in Kingstowne or just have questions about the area reach out to Amanda Davidson, or 703-431-3755. I have lived, worked, and played in Kingstowne for over 10 years and truly love it here. I’m always happy to answer questions!


Already live in Kingstowne and want to get an idea of what your home is worth? Visit our free home value tool to receive an estimate within minutes.


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Amberleigh Homes For Sale | Alexandria Neighborhood

Amberleigh Homes For Sale | Alexandria Neighborhood

Amberleigh is located in Alexandria off of Beulah Road. The tree-lined streets provide a peaceful setting and privacy all while being within minutes of popular Kingstowne.



What’s The Neighborhood Like?

Amberleigh consists of 502 townhomes constructed between 1981 and 1988. There are six different models; Ashleigh, Oakleigh, Ridgeleigh, Stoneleigh, Timberleigh, and Woodleigh. Homes in Amberleigh typically range from 2-3 bedrooms and 2-3 full baths. Residents have access to basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts. There are multiple tot lots throughout the community and an active neighborhood association puts on events throughout the year for the community. Residents can also access walking trails through a peaceful wooded area in Amberleigh Park.



What’s Nearby Amberleigh?

Amberleigh is conveniently located in the Kingstowne area of Alexandria. As with many neighborhoods in this area, major commuter routes, dining, shopping, and daily needs are all easily accessible. The Springfield Transportation center is minutes from the neighborhood and home to Franconia-Springfield metro (blue line), VRE, Amtrak, and Greyhound. Fort Belvoir, the Pentagon, the U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center, and Fort Myer are all nearby as well. Kingstowne is less than 5 minutes by car and home to many retail, dining, and entertainment options including Kingstowne Towne Center; home to Kingstowne 16 Movie Theater, Pasara Thai, East Moon Bistro, HomeGoods, World Market, TJ Maxx, La Madeline, and two grocery stores. Hilltop Village Center is within walking distance of the neighborhood. It’s home to the sought after Wegman’s and you’ll also find Burtons Grill, LA Fitness, Green Turtle, Verizon, Hair Cuttery and many other retail locations in the center



What Schools Will The Kids Attend?

Children living in Amberleigh will attend Island Creek Elementary and Hayfield Secondary Schools. To learn more about these schools visit the GreatSchools website.



Amberleigh Real Estate Market Update

Below is a review of activity in Amberleigh since January 2018.

•Number of Sales: 20

•Highest Priced Sale: $445,263

•Lowest Priced Sale: $407,900

•Median Sales Price: $433,510

•Median Days on Market: 5

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 99.66%

There are currently 2 homes for sale in the neighborhood. See pictures and details about the home for sale in Amberleigh.


Visit our home value tool for a free estimate. Nothing replaces the expertise of a local agent and seeing your home in person. If you’d like an in-home consultation to know the precise value your home is worth in today’s market reach out to us!



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