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Real Estate Agents Don't Control Data On Zillow

Agents Don’t Control Data On Third Party Sites

Contacting an agent about a property for sale only to find out it’s under contract isn’t fun. I can understand the frustration from consumers when they connect with an agent only to hear, I’m sorry this home is under contract. With that said agents do not control the data on third party sites. Yelling at the agent who answers the inquiry isn’t going to help.

The particular call I received was about a property the caller saw on Zillow but, it’s not just the big Z that has inaccurate data. Third party sites rely on data feeds from the MLS and depending on how those data feeds are setup is going to impact  how accurate the information being displayed is. How often the site updates is also going to impact how accurate the data is. Want the most accurate data for homes that are available for sale? Partner with a real estate agent that you want to work with to find your next home and they will provide you with accurate data. Agents pay to be a member of the MLS to be able to access real-time data. No data feeds no concern with how often a site updates, and in turn they have the current status of properties on the market.




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