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How To Determine What To Take With You When You Move – Take It or Toss It?

How To Determine What To Take With You When You Move – Take It or Toss It?

We recently wrote a post about working on getting your home ready for sale on the interior while it’s still cold out. Tackling overflowing closets by getting rid of items you no longer use was one of our main points. It got me thinking that while de-cluttering sounds easy to many of us (and for some it is) for others it poses the question of what to take and what to toss?



Clothing – start by asking yourself when the last time was that you wore it. If the answer is more than a year ago the odds of wearing it anytime soon aren’t high. Toss it! If you still can’t decide ask yourself if you’d buy it again – perhaps in a different size or color. If the answer is no it’s time to toss it.



Household items – if you have multiple sets of dishes that you don’t use it might be time to get rid of some or maybe you’ve accumulated various sets of bed sheets over the years and aren’t sure what to take with you. We again recommend asking yourself a couple questions to determine the take it or toss it answer. If you’re using an item regularly chances are there’s no question you’re taking it but, if it’s been collecting dust ask yourself if you want to pay to move it.



Sentimental items – this can be a broad category. Things from high school, items your grandparents gave you, something from on old flame – the list can go on and on. Hold an item in your hand and see what memory it jogs. If you can’t recall where it came from you don’t need to move it with you but, if it’s an item that you’d be sad if it were broken or lost it’s likely worth taking.


Cleaning and organizing prior to a move means you will have gotten rid of or donated what you don’t want and in turn won’t be paying to move it. It’s time consuming but, well worth it to save money on your move and not clutter up a new home as soon as you move in. Invest the time it takes to go through each item and make a decision on what it is you really need.




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