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How Many Homes Should You See Before Making An Offer?

How Many Homes Should You See Before Making An Offer?

This is a question I get asked a lot. It comes from first time home buyers the most but, there are many buyers out there who wonder just how many homes they should see. The answer … there is no magic number. Sorry to disappoint but, there really isn’t a one size fits all number.

A home buyer who is focused in on one specific neighborhood probably won’t see as many homes as one who is looking at multiple neighborhoods or even multiple cities. That just comes down to the number of available homes in relation to a specific area. A narrow or even just a focused search area equates to less homes to choose from.

Technology has always changed the average number of homes a buyer sees. When I started in real estate over 10 years ago on average clients would look at 10-12 homes. Virtual tours, 3D tours, videos, and improved photography allow today’s buyer to see a lot about a home without ever stepping away from their computer. In the last 3 years the average number of homes my clients tour has decreased to 7-9. Those are averages though – that’s not to say some don’t walk into the first house they see and know they want it where others could look for months to up over a year. Again, there’s just no one size fits all.

I also think asking the right questions and really listening to my clients can impact how many homes they see. Sometimes it’s what they don’t say but, what they react and connect to while touring that really gives me insight to what they are seeking in their next home. From there I can target homes that have similar characteristics and help them really hone in on what’s important to them.


Buying a house that you’re planning to live in and make your home is emotional. There’s a feeling that comes when you know it’s the one. I know, that sounds really cliché but, it’s the absolute truth. My clients probably think I’m crazy when I tell them they’ll know when they’ve found “the one” but, then when the right feeling comes over them they know what I meant.





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