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Kingstowne Real Estate Market Update May 2017

Kingstowne Real Estate – Market Update May 2017

Kingstowne is located in Alexandria Virginia and known for its convenient location with easy access to major commuter routes, public transportation, and daily needs. Kingstowne is a planned community and home to over 5,300 residences. While Kingstowne itself is a community many locals know the area of Kingstowne as the 22315 zip code and some also consider 22310 a part of the area as it is situated right next to Kingstowne. For the purpose of this market report we will focus on the 22315 area.

Real Estate Activity in Kingstowne May 2017:
•Number of Sales: 60

•Highest Priced Sale: $832,800

•Lowest Priced Sale: $224,590

•Median Sale Price: $492,250

•Median Days on Market: 6

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 99.75%

Home sales in Kingstowne were very strong in May and twice as many homes sold last month as compared to April. The median sale price increased by $23,025 and days on the market remain extremely low, seeing no change from April to May. There are currently 71 homes for sale in Kingstowne – no change in the level of inventory as compared to April. The homes range from a $228,997 one bedroom, one bath condo and go up to a $1,099,000 single family home with seven bedrooms and five and a half baths. Inventory remains low and sellers are seeing

For a complete list of homes for sale in Kingstowne visit the link or contact us to have a custom listing alert setup to be notified when new homes enter the market.

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    New Restaurant in Kingstowne Mission BBQ

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    The dining options in Kingstowne just keep getting better! The latest addition, Mission BBQ, located at 6482 Lansdowne Centre Dr, is a casual restaurant with great food and an even greater mission which is centered around patriotism and honoring our heroes which include our soldiers, firefighters, police officers, and first responders.

    Opening its first location on the 10-year anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Mission BBQ’s founders believe strongly in giving back to the brave men and women that protect us, regularly donating to local first responders and organizations such as the Semper Fi Fund and Special Operations which provide employment and educational opportunities for military veterans and their families.

    Mission BBQ appeals to a variety of tastes with different flavors and recipes from Texas, the Carolinas, St. Louis and Kansas City where barbecue is a way of life! The menu includes all the classic barbecue staples that you’d expect such as ribs, pulled pork, and brisket but they also have salads if you’re seeking lighter fare. They have a host of side dishes to choose from as well as sweet tea, lemonade, and a variety of soft drinks. Being that we had the pleasure of trying out their delicious food, we personally recommend the pulled chicken sandwich and mac-n-cheese but don’t take our word for it, stop by Mission BBQ and try it for yourself!

    Blog courtesy of JeMai Wright


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      Condo Sales in Alexandria, VA Market Update May 2017

      Condo Sales in Alexandria, VA – Market Update May 2017

      May 2017 Condo Sales in Alexandria

      •Number of Sales: 218 (increase from 188 in April)

      •Highest Priced Sale: $981,530

      •Lowest Priced Sale: $105,000

      •Median Sales Price: $280,500 (decrease from $285,509 in April)

      •Median Days on Market: 11 (decrease from 13 in April)

      •Median Sale to List Price Ratio: 98.07% (increase from 97.93% in April)

      How Does May 2016 compare to May 2017?
      Comparing the same time period last year gives us the opportunity to see whether or not the market has strengthened or weakened and gives us an idea of what direction prices are heading in. There were 10 more condos sold this May as compared to last year. The median sale price was higher last year by $15,500. Days on the market were lower this year by 8 and the median sale to list price ratio was just a bit stronger this year 2016 – 97.20% vs. 2017 – 98.07%.

      What Does This Mean For Condo Sales In Alexandria?
      There are currently 338 condos for sale, a decrease from 364 at this time last month. At first glance the condo market doesn’t look at strong as last year in terms of sale price but, it takes digging a bit deeper to truly understand the current market trends. One bedroom inventory is plentiful right now and in turn has been taking a bit longer to sell whereas two and three bedroom condos are still moving very quickly. The data has been impacted somewhat by one bedroom condos – longer days on the market often translates to not selling for list or close to list price. Overall the Alexandria condo market is still experiencing a seller's market. Days on the market remain low and sale to list price ratio remains high.

      Find out the value of your Alexandria condo.

      Browse Alexandria Homes For Sale

      Contact us, we are always happy to answer your questions and welcome the opportunity to help with your sale or purchase.


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        Alexandria Real Estate Market Update April 2017

        Alexandria Real Estate Market Update – April 2017

        The real estate market in Alexandria is showing no signs of slowing down. April was another strong month for sales and days on the market decreased again. Sellers continue to see high sale to list price ratios and a rising median sale price.

        Let’s check in on the statistics and then review story behind them …

        Real Estate Activity in Alexandria During April 2017

        •Number of Sales: 477 (increase from 452 in March)

        •Highest Priced Sale: $4,272,017

        •Lowest Priced Sale: $87,000

        •Median Sales Price: $462,000 (increase from $454,000 in March)

        •Median Days on Market: 9 (decrease from 12 in March)

        •Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 98.61% (increase from 98.21% in March)

        Alexandria Home Sales April 2016 vs. April 2017
        Reviewing April 2016 to this year gives us a good comparison to show the market is very strong this year. In April 2016 there were 496 homes sold in Alexandria, more than this year but, the median sale price is higher this year by $22,000. Days on the market in 2016 came in at 11 and sellers saw a 98.03% sale to list price ratio. Noting the increase in median sale price is important – market prices have risen substantially as compared to April 2016.

        Bottom Line -
        Alexandria remains a seller’s market. There are currently 1,039 homes for sale in Alexandria. This is good news for buyers as inventory has increased since March. That said, it’s not plentiful and there’s less than a 3 month supply which points to the current seller’s market. As a buyer this just means you need to be prepared to make an offer when you find the right home. A well thought out and strategic approach with your agent will help you achieve a successful sale. Be prepared to tour homes promptly when they come on the market and have your pre-approval in hand. Delaying to see a home even just by a day can mean it’s already under contract.

        If you’re considering selling the current market conditions are very favorable. Even though the market is swayed towards sellers right now that doesn’t remove the necessity to properly prepare your home for sale. Homes that are receiving top dollar in the shortest amount of time have three things in common; they show well, are priced according to the market, and are easy for agents to show to their buyers. Work with a local agent who knows the market and can guide you through each step of your sale. From staging, to pricing, to the timing when you go on the market - every detail matters.

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