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Kingstowne Real Estate Market Update April 2017

Kingstowne is located in Alexandria Virginia and known for its convenient location with easy access to major commuter routes, public transportation, and daily needs. Kingstowne is a planned community and home to over 5,300 residences. While Kingstowne itself is a community many locals know the area of Kingstowne as the 22315 zip code and some also consider 22310 a part of the area as it is situated right next to Kingstowne. For the purpose of this market report we will focus on the 22315 zip code.

Real Estate Activity in Kingstowne April 2017:
•Number of Sales: 30

•Highest Priced Sale: $795,000

•Lowest Priced Sale: $224,348

•Median Sale Price: $469,225

•Median Days on Market: 6

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 99.27%

There are currently 71 homes for sale in Kingstowne. The homes range from a $225,500 two bedroom, one bath condo and go up to a $849,999 single family home with four bedrooms and four and a half baths. Inventory remains low and sellers are seeing an extremely strong sale to list price ratio. Days on the market came in at just 6 for April, very impressive statistic and one that should speak to both buyers and sellers. From a selling standpoint now is a great time to list your home for sale. Homes are moving quickly and the market is strong. As a buyer the low days on the market tell us that you have to be prepared to make an offer as soon as you find the one. Being pre-approved prior to touring homes in a must in order to be successful in the current market.

For a complete list of homes for sale in Kingstowne visit the link or contact us to have a custom listing alert setup to be notified when new homes enter the market.

Interested in what your Kingstowne home is worth in today’s market? Visit for a free no obligation estimate.

If you’re considering buying or selling in the Kingstowne area and have questions about the market or the area contact us. We look forward to helping you!


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    Condo Sales in Alexandria, VA Market Update April 2017

    Condo Sales in Alexandria, VA – Market Update April 2017

    April 2017 Condo Sales in Alexandria

    •Number of Sales: 188 (decrease from 170 in March)

    •Highest Priced Sale: $4,272,017

    •Lowest Priced Sale: $87,000

    •Median Sales Price: $285,509 (decrease from $265,426 in March)

    •Median Days on Market: 13 (no change from March)

    •Median Sale to List Price Ratio: 97.93% (increase from 97.68% in March)

    How Does April 2016 compare to April 2017?

    Comparing the same time period last year gives us the opportunity to dig a bit deeper into the current market trends and what they mean. There were 9 more condos sold this April as compared to last year. The median sale price was higher this year by $27,134. Days on the market showed now change and the median sale to list price ratio was just a bit stronger this year 2016 – 97.82% vs. 2017 – 97.93%. All signs that we're in a strong sellers market.

    What Does This Mean For Condo Sales In Alexandria?

    There are currently 364 condos for sale, an increase from 296 at this time last month. Inventory is still low but, isn’t as tight as it was last month which is good news for buyers. With that said, the Alexandria condo market remains a seller’s market. If you’ve been considering listing your condo for sale the current market conditions make it a great time to do so. Preparing your home for sale takes time and planning for proper execution. Consult with an agent you trust and who has a proven successful track record. All the details matter – from repairs to a deep cleaning, properly presenting your home for sale is imperative to achieve top dollar in the shortest amount of time possible. Pricing remains a key factor for a successful sale, rely on your agent to review market data with you and determine a price that represents the current fair market value for your home.

    Find out the value of your Alexandria condo.

    If you’re a buyer in the market for a condo in Alexandria be prepared to act quickly when you find the property you want to make home. Days on the market remain very low and you’ll want your pre-approval in hand before you start touring. Delaying on being able to make an offer can mean a condo is already under contract. Work with an agent that has full time availability and who can coordinate well with your schedule to tour homes promptly.

    Contact us, we are always happy to answer your questions and welcome the opportunity to help with your sale or purchase.

    Browse Alexandria Homes For Sale


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      New Restaurant In Old Town Meggrolls

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      One of the newest and most highly anticipated additions to the Old Town food scene is Meggrolls. Owner Meghan Baroody has put a unique spin on the traditional egg roll and is quickly gaining fans with her tasty offerings.

      Meggrolls offers classic, comfort-food flavors inside the crispy crust of an egg roll. Genius, right? We had the pleasure of tasting a few flavors and they are out of this world delicious! My personal favorite would have to be the Buffalo Chicken Wing roll which comes complete with a small stalk of celery atop the roll and your choice of ranch or bleu cheese. Other flavors you’ll find on the menu include Chicken Parm, Gyro, Chorizo Poblano, Four Cheese and Broccoli, and Burger. There’s also a variety of slaws to accompany your meggrolls as well as hand-cut, boardwalk fries!

      Meggrolls has already developed somewhat of a cult-like following from its food truck days in Arlington, so we're so pleased to have it a little closer to our neck of the woods. We got a chance to chat briefly with Meghan and in just the short time meeting her, you can see how hard she’s worked to bring this dream of hers to fruition. Meghan, being an Alexandria native and having worked as a bartender for several years in Old town, is thrilled to have her first storefront in the place she calls home. Meghan is still doing some special food truck events here and there as well as offering catering.

      The Washingtonian dubbed Meggrolls as one of a few must-try new restaurant’s and we’re happy to second that notion!

      Check out Meggrolls at 107 N Fayette St, Alexandria, VA 22314 and come back and tell us what your favorite flavor is!

      Blog courtesy of JeMai Wright


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        Old Town, Alexandria Bookstore Hooray For Books

        Hooray For Books is an independent children’s bookstore located on King Street in Alexandria. This charming bookstore will be celebrating their 9th year in business on June 10, 2017. We had the pleasure of sitting down with the owner Ellen Klein recently to learn more about this special store.

        Hooray For Books is a staple to the Old Town community, they have free weekly story time on Friday and Saturday mornings, host authors regularly, host LOLA (love our local authors) festivals twice a year, arrange for authors to visit local schools at no charge to promote literacy, and have book clubs for children and adults. The bookstore also has ARC (advance reader copy) where kids are able to read books ahead of them being published. Ages 6 to high school can leave reviews. Ellen says she loves how honest the children are and how willing they are to give feedback. She then uses that to determine what and how many of the different books she should order for the store.

        Hooray For Books doubled its size in 2015 and has now added an adult books section to the store. Ellen held a fundraiser to help with the expansion and said: “it couldn’t have been possible without our loyal customers.” She wanted the donated funds to go for items that her customers could actually see and use; one of those items being 50 new matching chairs. The chairs are set up for author visits and other events – right where her loyal customers can make good use of them.

        During our chat, Ellen would pause to say hello and chat with a regular – greeting them by name. Children would bound through the door and head straight to the back knowing exactly what section of books they wanted to check out. Hooray For Books immediately makes you feel like family and with its expansion, now has something for everyone – including adults.

        Their hours are Monday – Saturday 10am to 8pm and Sunday 10am to 6pm


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          5 Ways To Stand Out In A Multiple Offer Situation

          TBD Approval – this has helped us win in a lot of multiple offer situations. It’s something I just started using last year and in a nutshell buyers who have a TBD approval have already been fully approved through underwriting, the TBD is the property. As a buyer with a TBD approval you do not have to put a financing contingency in your offer should you choose not to do so and if needed can close extremely quickly. John Meussner has the Buyers Best program which is their version of a TBD approval. It can really make a big difference and sellers love it because it gives them peace of mind your financing is ready to go.

          Clean Contract – I’m just referring to the overall presentation of the contract. Your agent’s needs to be sure everything is filled out, all of the details are taken care of, and all of the supporting documentation is included with the offer. It’s very frustrating for a listing agent when the buyer’s agent attaches 6+ pdf’s that then all have to be merged together to make a complete offer, even worse when there are parts of the contract that are blank and addendums missing. It might sound nitpicky but, presentation makes a difference especially when there are multiple offers to review.

          Contingencies – make them as short and few as possible. For a home inspection consider making it for information only. I don’t like waiving them all together but, for information only still protects the buyer should they want to withdraw but, at the same time it also gives the seller peace of mind knowing they aren’t going to get nickeled and dimed over repairs. If the seller isn’t offering a home warranty, don’t ask for them to pay for one. I’ve seen this cause a seller to go with one offer over the other because it really can be a detail that small that makes or breaks you.

          Loan Officer Communication – It always a good idea for your loan officer to contact the listing agent after the offer is submitted. I appreciate a call from the loan officer vs. having to track them down immensely. It shows you’ve got a team in place that’s on the ball and real estate takes team work for a successful outcome.

          If you have questions about the home buying process we look forward to answering them for you. Contact us at 703-988-3151 to speak with one of our buyer specialists. 


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