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5 New Year's Resolutions For Your Home

Stream line your stuff and declutter
No excuses — that clutter has got to go! Start by creating more storage space so you can stash stuff easily. You’ve probably got storage solutions you didn’t know you had. Put up a high shelf between the walls of a narrow hallway, and tuck storage in out-of-the-way nooks, such as under-stairs spaces and between wall studs. If your home is tight on space, don’t despair: There’s still room for storage. Shoe organizers ($20) do more than hold shoes — use them to store keys, notepads, and cell phones. This year resolve to go room-by-room periodically clearing anything that you don't use, wear or love and donate it to charity. I promise you it will make you feel good!

Budget For A Home Remodeling Project
Most of us have changes we’d like to make to our homes but, few of us actually ever get around to doing them. Start planning and setting aside money for the updated kitchen or bathroom you’d like to have. If you want to paint your living room in a few months start looking at paint samples and budgeting for the cost of paint or hiring a professional. Check out an app called Digit for an easy way to start saving.

Battle Your Bathroom and Prevent Mold
Run your bath fans during your bath or shower and for a half-hour after to flush out moisture. You could also consider adding a timer switch to make this step automatic. Lastly if you have tile, seal the grout lines annually with a standard grout sealer to waterproof them. To get rid of the current mold, use a solution of bleach and water on a cotton ball. Mold the cotton ball to the space where the mold is located and let it sit 10 minutes, then rinse it off and let dry.

Make Your Home More Energy Efficient
Try conducting a DIY home energy audit. Start by checking windows, doors, chimneys and electrical outlets for air leaks. If the draft isn’t obvious, use a lit candle or stick of incense to detect unwanted air flowing into your house. Resolve by using caulk around windows, draft plug in the chimney and foam insulated pads behind outlet covers to help eliminate the drafts. Weather-stripping is very helpful to close gaps around doors. Also, unplug unused appliances, wrap an insulating cover around the water heater and use builders foam on the exterior of your home to close any gaps where electrical wires enter your home.

Deep Cleaning
Cleaning can be time consuming but, it’s best to do at least one deep clean twice a year. The New Year is the perfect time to tackle this job. Break the process into different floors so that you don’t try to take it on all at once. Make time to clean and vacuum behind appliances and furniture. You could also consider hiring the professionals. 

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