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Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group is Northern Virgina's most trusted local, independent resource for real estate news and insight. Our team has its finger on the pulse of the real estate market in Alexandria and the surrounding counties. Here you'll find the latest market updates, local news, and tips for buyers and sellers.

Kingstowne in Alexandria VA Market Report April 2016

Real Estate market data provided by Amanda Davidson of Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group. *Data for zip code 22315.

Kingstown Real Estate Market Report April 2016

Single Family Home Sales in Kingstowne April 2016:

  • Number of Sales: 15 (increase from 8 in March)
  • Highest Priced Sale: $785,000
  • Lowest Priced Sale: $355,000
  • Median Sale Price: $515,000 (decrease from $527,000)
  • Median Days on Market: 6 (decrease from 15)
  • Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 97.17% (increase from 95.58%)

Kingstowne Real Estate Market Report April 2016The number of detached homes sold in Kingstowne increased from March to April. Median sale price decreased but, the decrease is attributed to a short sale that closed well below market value. Detached homes in Kingstowne are moving very quickly, with median days on the market coming in at just 6. Sellers are enjoying a high sale to list price ratio on top of extremely low days on the market. Buyers need to be prepared to act quickly in this segment of the market as inventory is very low, and multiple offers are a regular occurrence right now. Currently, there are 17 detached homes for sale in Kingstowne.

April 2015 vs. April 2016

Reviewing the same time period last year, there were 4 single family homes sold. Median sale price was substantially higher in 2015 coming in at $575,725. Days on the market were much lower this year – 53 in 2015 compared to 6 this year.

Townhouse Sales in Kingstowne April 2016:

  • Number of Sales: 32 (increase from 23 in March)
  • Highest Priced Sale: $565,000
  • Lowest Priced Sale: $252,014
  • Median Sale Price: $417,000 (decrease from $467,000)
  • Median Days on Market: 26 (decrease from 23)
  • Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 96.39% (decrease from 97.94%)

Kingstowne Market ReportThe number of townhomes sold in Kingstowne increased from March to April. Sellers are still seeing a strong sale to list price ratio but, in order to achieve top dollar, it's imperative the home is properly prepared for sale. Presentation and professional marketing are key to a successful sale. There are currently 59 townhomes for sale in Kingstowne; inventory has increased since March and that's good news for buyers. It remains a seller's market but, having more homes to choose from and low interest rates also makes it a great time to buy in Kingstowne.

April 2015 vs. April 2016

The number of townhomes sold saw no change when comparing April 2015 and April 2016. Median sale price saw a big decrease as compared to last year, down by $33,880. Days on the market were also lower last April coming in at just 6. Sale to list price ratio was 98.66% in 2015 and this year is 96.39%.


Contact me today to find out how to start your home search or for more information on homes available for sale in Kingstowne. Let's team up and find your new home for the best price and best terms possible.


It remains a great time to list your Kingstowne home for sale. Contact me for a free market analysis. My marketing has a proven successful track record, I'm a great listener, and welcome the opportunity to learn more about your home and help you achieve a successful sale.

For a complete list of homes for sale in Kingstowne, visit the link or register with us to have a custom listing alert setup to be notified when new homes enter the market.


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    Top 5 Craft Breweries in Northern Virginia

    As the warm weather is falling upon us, many adults have only one thing on their mind – refreshing and delicious drinks on patios. And with all the craft beer rage, why not try to find a local brewery to enjoy your favorite summertime beverage? Well, we've got the top 5 craft breweries that are near you. Keep reading to find out why we love them and why you'll want to visit them as soon as possible.

    Caboose Brewing Company

    Northern Virginia BreweriesIdeally located next to the W&OD bike trail in gorgeous Vienna, Caboose Brewing Company perfectly combines some of the best beers around with farm to table food. Beers are rotated regularly and feature everything from stouts to IPAs to saisons and everything in between. Our favorite beer is the Citra Wheat that has strong notes of grapefruit and orange.

    This brewery also has an incredible atmosphere with windows, allowing patrons to view the large steel tanks. Visitors can enjoy the Caboose Brewing Company's patio, bar or a proper table. So if you're looking for something to do this weekend, you can grab your bike and head to the W&OD for a day of biking and brewing.

    Aslin Beer Company

    Situated in beautiful Herndon, Aslin Beer Company creates the only finest ales, lagers, saisons, IPAs, Stouts and brandy. This company prides itself on focusing only on beer and considers itself simply a brewery and not a brewpub. But if you're hungry, you can order take-out from next door, A Taste of the World, and bring it inside. You'll also love the wooden Virginia shaped boards that are presented with the beer, promising a true local experience.

    Old 690 Brewing Company

    Northern Virginia Craft BreweriesHead to Purcellville for a tasty selection of ales, blondes, Belgian wheats and stouts. You'll find chocolate, blood orange, coffee, grapefruit, smoky and coriander flavors, making these beers irresistible. Old 690 is also one of the oldest craft breweries in Virginia and many visitors love coming for a weekend trip to visit, relax, drink delicious beer and sit outside on the oversized outdoor patio.

    Belly Love

    Another Purcellville brewpub, Belly Love, is the perfect location to host an event or private party. With both outdoor and indoor areas, this brewery is pet-friendly on the patio. Additionally, with a delicious menu featuring mac and cheese, burger sliders, tacos, Paninis and giant soft pretzels, Belly Love will keep you hydrated and full. You'll also love the year round beer choices including malty lager, pale ale, American IPA and an oatmeal stout. And they have some delectable guest beer appearances you'll be dying to sample.

    Lost Rhino

    Lost Rhino is an Ashburn staple started by two friends that went searching to discover the best, wildest and most delicious beer brewing techniques. They pride themselves on bringing an international perspective through locally grown ingredients. Yearlong beers include a Pilsner, Hefeweizen, pale ale, Kolsch and a Session IPA. Lost Rhino also has a pub style menu that will keep even the kids happy. Stop by for some live music, to fill your growler or a relaxing evening on the retreat patio.

    Northern Virginia has quite the selection of craft brew pubs and these are only a few of our favorites. Don't let the summer season pass you by without visiting one of the area's hip breweries.

    Don't see your favorite brewery on this list? Comment below to let us know which breweries you love!

    Contact the Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group to learn more about top craft breweries or about homes for sale in Northern Virginia!


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      Alexandria VA Real Estate Market Update April 2016

      Alexandria home sales experienced another increase in sales from March to April. Days on the market saw a large decrease and median sale price remained consistent, fluctuating by less than $1,000. The Alexandria real estate market is in full swing for the spring season and seeing a lot of activity. It's a great time for buyers and sellers to accomplish their real estate goals in Alexandria.

      Let's check in…

      The following is a review of activity in Alexandria during April 2016:

      • Number of Sales: 487 (increase from 418 in March)
      • Highest Priced Sale: $2,444,340
      • Lowest Priced Sale: $83,000
      • Median Sales Price: $440,400 (increase from $439,500 in March)
      • Median Days on Market: 11 (decrease from 22 in March)
      • Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 98.03% (increase from 97.31% in March)

      Alexandria Home Sales - March 2015 vs. March 2016

      The Alexandria home sales market is very similar as compared to the same time period last year. There were 466 homes sold in April 2015 and the median sale price was higher last year by $8,600. The median sale to list price ratio remained consistent, 98.13% in 2015 vs. 98.03% in 2016. Median days on the market also remained consistent, 11 for both April 2015 and 2016.

      Alexandria Real Estate Market Report

      Is It A Buyer's Market or a Seller's Market?

      The Alexandria real estate market remains a seller's market. The spring market has been extremely busy in Alexandria and sellers are enjoying low days on the market and high sale to list price ratios. The homes that are moving quickly and receiving multiple offers in Alexandria all have similar characteristics; they show well, are priced according to the market, and are easy for agents to bring their buyers to for a tour.

      Buyers need to be prepared to act in the current market, getting pre-approved, knowing what you can afford in advance and having an agent that can promptly show you homes is imperative to be successful. With the fast paced market lack of preparation can mean the home you fall in love with today is already under contract tomorrow. Whether you're buying or selling, hiring a local agent that knows the area and the current market conditions is an important component of a successful transaction.


      To see homes for sale in Alexandria, please visit the link. I am always available to answer questions about your home search and welcome the opportunity to put my expertise to work for you. Contact me to start your home search today.


      Now is a great time to list in Alexandria. I'm an excellent negotiator and my marketing has a proven successful track record. I'd love to learn more about your home; contact me for more information and let's team up to accomplish your selling goals.


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        Short Sales & Foreclosures: What You Need To Know

        Are you looking to buy a short sale or foreclosed home in Northern Virginia? Do you know the difference between the two? Is a real estate agent and a REALTOR the same thing? It can be hard to keep up with real estate jargon, but our agents are here to help answer any of your questions. Well, there is a difference between a real estate agent and a REALTOR, but that's for another time. First, we're going to explore the differences between a short sale and a foreclosure and how this can affect you. Sure, these types of home sales are an excellent way to buy a property for cheap as chips, but there are a few things to consider before jumping in head first. Keep reading to learn more about the pros and cons of each option.

        Short Sales

        Northern Virginia Short SalesWhat exactly is a short sale? This type of home sale occurs when the homeowner owes more on their home than it's actually worth. The money received from the sale is also not enough to pay the balance on the liens of the home. Essentially, the lien holders are agreeing to release the liens on the home in exchange for less than they're owed.


        • Homes are usually sold below market value.
        • Short sale homes are usually in better condition than foreclosures because the homeowner is often still residing in the house and maintaining it.
        • Short sale homes are less expensive than regular priced homes because lien holders want to get paid sooner rather than later.
        • If you purchase a short sale home, you're avoiding adding to the amount of bank owned properties.
        • There are usually less fees involved than a foreclosure.


        • Short sales often take a long time to close.
        • Sellers must qualify and be considered eligible before being able to list their home as a short sale.
        • Issues may arise with short sales when lien holders don't get paid – often because the sale price of the property isn't enough to pay off the second mortgage.
        • Lenders may block the sale if not satisfied.


        Northern Virginia Foreclosed HomesForeclosures occur when a homeowner fails to pay their mortgage and/or keep up with mortgage payments. Usually this happens when someone loses their job, gets divorced or is suffering from medical issues. A bank or lender will attempt to recover the balance of the mortgage by forcing the sale of the home and using it as collateral for the loan. Many banks don't sell homes directly to investors or homebuyers, but if they do, they'll likely list them through a real estate agent. Some real estate agents specialize in foreclosure and short sale listings and they're called REO agents or Real Estate Owned agents.


        • Buyers can purchase a home for bottom dollar.
        • Foreclosed homes are usually sold below market value for the purpose of quickly offloading it. Buying a foreclosed home can often be financially rewarding if you choose to purchase, flip it and resell for profit.


        • Foreclosed homes are sold as-is, so banks are not responsible for any damages to the property. This can result in a risky investment.
        • Buyers are often not allowed to see the inside of the home before they buy it, and damages can become your responsibility.
        • Some homes may have been ransacked by the previous owner.

        Buyers that invest in foreclosed homes will often flip them and sell them for a profit. If you choose to buy a foreclosed home, be sure to spend less than 10% of the purchase price to renovate. Make sure the resale value is worth your time, money and energy. With patience, foreclosures and short sales are effective ways to land a home for an extremely affordable price. Do some research and be sure to have a proper home inspection completed!

        Have you ever purchased a short sale or foreclosure? Comment below and let us know about your experience!

        Contact the Amanda Davidson Real Estate Group to learn more about short sales and foreclosures in Northern Virginia. Or call us at (703) 988-3151.


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          Eton Square Condos in Alexandria

          Our highlighted neighborhood of the week is Eton Square in Alexandria! The beautiful Eton Square condo community is located in the Kingstowne area of Alexandria. Eton Square is conveniently situated off South Van Dorn Street and Kingstowne Village Parkway. This community is a garden style condo neighborhood with single and multi-level units. Additionally, there are 1 bedroom and 2 bedroom floorplans and all of the condos have a fireplace. The exterior of Eton Square is very appealing with brick and vinyl siding, archways, and lots of windows that provide wonderful natural light in the condos. As with many garden style condos there are no elevators in Eton Square. One of the best features of this neighborhood includes the residents use of the community amenities such as tennis courts, an outdoor pool, tot lots, and a fitness center.

          What's Around Town?

          Residents in Eton Square are less than a five minute walk to Kingstowne Towne Center, home to two grocery stores, Kingstowne 16 Movie Theatre, Pasara Thai, East Moon Bistro, Bonefish Grill, Home Goods, TJ Maxx and many other dining and retail locations. Commuting from Eton Square is very convenient with easy access to 495, 395, 95, and Fairfax County Parkway from the neighborhood. Residents also have easy access to two metro stations: Van Dorn and Franconia-Springfield. Wegmans located in Hilltop Village Center and Springfield Town Center are less than ten minutes away, both with many options for shopping, dining, and entertainment.

          Nearby Schools

          Children that live in Eton square will attend Hayfield Elementary and Hayfield Secondary.

          Eton Square Real Estate Market Statistics

          The following is a review of activity in Eton Square since April 2015:

          Eton Square Condos

          • Number of Sales: 17
          • Highest Priced Sale: $322,500
          • Lowest Priced Sale: $220,000
          • Median Sales Price: $270,000
          • Median Days on Market: 15
          • Average Sales Price to List Price Ratio: 97.78%


          There are currently five Eton Square condos for sale. Contact me to talk about what type of home you’re looking for or to find out how to start your home search. I’d love to learn more about how I can help you with the purchase of your next home.


          I welcome the opportunity to guide you through a successful sale. Contact me to find out the current value of your Eton Square condo or to setup a time to show me your home and tell me about your selling goals.


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