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4 Bedroom Homes For Sale in Kingstowne | Alexandria, Virginia 22315

4 Bedroom Homes in Kingstowne | Alexandria, Virginia 22315

Kingstowne is a planned community of over 5,300 homes. While Kingstowne is a community itself many locals in the area think of Kingstowne as 22315 and for this market report that’s the area we’ll be focusing on.

Thinking about what you’re looking for when you’re buying a home is important. You want to have an idea of what your next home has to have vs. what features you’d like it to have. Wants and needs are different! Determining the number of bedrooms you need is an important consideration. A four bedroom home is something many buyers seek out. The majority of the time it isn’t about the additional square footage, it’s about having an additional room that can be used for a variety of things – guestroom and office being at the top of many buyers’ lists.

Let’s take a look at year to date sales for 4 bedroom homes in Kingstowne.

•Number of Sales: 75

•Highest Priced Sale: $865,000

•Lowest Priced Sale: $365,000

•Median Sales Price: $554,900

•Median Days on Market: 8

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 99.11%

The market for 4 bedroom homes in Kingstowne is very active and sellers are seeing close to 100% for the sale to list price ratio.

If you’re looking for a 4 bedroom home in Kingstowne there are currently 8 homes to choose from with a price range of $385,000 to $799,900.

Whether you’re buying or selling in the Kingstowne area I’d love the opportunity to listen to your real estate goals. Reach out to me (call or text) 703-431-3755 or email 

4 Bedroom Homes In Alexandria




Homes For Sale In Landsdowne | Market Update October 2018

Homes For Sale In Landsdowne | Market Update October 2018

The Landsdowne neighborhood in Alexandria is home to 619 single family residences and townhomes. Pulte and Richmond American homes built the neighborhood between 1987 and 1989. The single-family homes in the neighborhood range from 3-5 bedrooms and 2.5 to 3.5 bathrooms. All of the detached homes have a 1-2 car garage and some have fireplaces. While the majority of the single family homes have 3 levels there are some floor plans with 2 levels and some that are split level with 4. The townhomes in Landsdowne range from 2-3 bedrooms and 1.5 to 2.5 bathrooms. Some of the townhomes feature a garage and/or a fireplace. The homes range from 2-3 levels.


See homes for sale in Landsdowne


Community Amenities

Landsdowne has excellent amenities for residents to enjoy. From a 25-meter outdoor swimming pool complete with a deep and shallow play area to tennis/basketball courts, wading pool, picnic area with grills, tot lots, and walking paths there’s a lot for residents to enjoy. The neighborhood has beautiful landscaping throughout and it’s rare to drive through and not see people out enjoying the area or taking their dog for a walk.

What’s Nearby The Landsdowne Neighborhood?

When it comes to location Landsdowne has it covered. Whether it’s major commuter routes, grocery stores, pharmacies, dining, or entertainment all are nearby the neighborhood. Landsdowne is in walking distance to two shopping centers. Landsdowne Centre and Hilltop Village Center. Hilltop is the newest shopping center in the area and home to Wegmans, Burtons Grill, Green Turtle, The Joint, Panda Express, Mattress Warehouse, Hair Cuttery and many other dining and retail locations. Kingstowne Towne Center is less than ten minutes by car from the neighborhood. You’ll find additional grocery, dining, and retail options in the Towne Center. Commuters find easy access from the neighborhood to 495, 395, 95, and Fairfax County Parkway. Access to the Franconia-Springfield and Van Dorn metro stations is also within 10 minutes from Landsdowne.

What Schools Will The Kids Attend?

Children in the neighborhood will attend Island Creek Elementary and Hayfield Secondary schools. For more information on these schools check out - you'll find test scores and reviews about the schools.

Landsdowne Real Estate Market Activity In 2018

•Number of Sales: 31

•Highest Priced Sale: $636,000

•Lowest Priced Sale: $252,000

•Median Sales Price: $420,000

•Median Days on Market: 5

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 99.36%

There is currently 2 homes for sale in Landsdowne. It remains an excellent time to sell your Landsdowne home. The neighborhood has been experiencing a seller’s market the entire year and with low inventory, buyers are waiting for a new listing to become available.

Whether you’re buying or selling in Landsdowne we’d love to connect with you. We have experience assisting clients in the neighborhood and are always happy to answer questions.


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Kingstowne Home Sales September 2018 Market Update

Kingstowne Home Sales September 2018 Market Update

The number of homes sold in Kingstowne saw a large decrease as compared to last month but, available inventory has also decreased. The median sale to list price ratio remained consistent and days on the market decreased.

Let’s check in on what happened in the Kingstowne market during September 2018.

•Number of Sales: 33

•Highest Priced Sale: $783,500

•Lowest Priced Sale: $223,100

•Median Sales Price: $476,500

•Median Days on Market: 8

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 98.30%

Is It A Buyer’s Or A Seller’s Market?
It is still a seller’s market in Kingstowne. Supply is not keeping up with demand, a trend we’ve witnessed throughout 2018.

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Current Inventory In Kingstowne
There are currently 69 homes for sale in Kingstowne. 
A decrease of 14 from this time last month. It’s again important to point out that the Crest Of Alexandria a 55+ active adult community has added new construction listings (7 at this time) making resale inventory even lower than the total active inventory. It goes without saying inventory remains low. A median of 8 days on the market is very telling that buyers are acting quickly. Buyers are however looking for value, sellers who overprice their homes are not seeing offers, their homes are sitting and becoming stale inventory. On the flip side, homes that are priced according to the market, have a reasonable amount of updates, and show well are moving quickly and multiple offers are still occurring. Positioning your home to appeal to buyers in the current market takes the right preparation and a custom marketing plan to showcase all it has to offer. The smallest details make the biggest impact when selling your home.



If you’d like to know more about the Kingstowne market or just have questions reach out to us and let’s connect! We are a small boutique brokerage with an in-depth understanding of the Kingstowne real estate market. I not only work in Kingstowne, but I also live here too and I love the community.

Receive a free home value estimate within minutes by visiting Our home value tool is just a guide if you are looking for a precise analysis of the current value of your home nothing replaces the expertise of a local agent with years of experience selling homes. Reach out to us for a free consultation.


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Kingstowne Housing Market Update August 2018



5 Reasons You Need A Buyer's Agent When Buying New Construction

5 Reasons You Need A Buyer’s Agent When Buying New Construction

Buying new construction sounds so simple. Pick a floor plan, lot, elevation and wah-lah your perfect new home is built and you get the keys. Except it’s not that simple and it doesn’t always go as smoothly as that all sounds. You need a trusted advisor who has your best interests at the forefront at all times. Someone who has been party to new construction purchases day in and day out to the point that it’s just all in a day’s work for them. They’ll not only guide you through every step, but they’ll also be able to resolve a potential problem before you end up with a home that isn’t as perfect as you thought.


Why do I need a buyer’s agent with the builder already has an agent working for them?

The agents working for the building doesn’t represent you. Who do they represent? The builder. That means their fiduciary responsibility is solely to the builder, not you.


Here’s 5 reasons why you need a buyer’s agent when buying new construction.

1. Your Buyer’s Agent Represents YOU – as we just mentioned, the real estate agent working for the builder is focused on the best interests of his/her client – the builder. You need an agent who is looking out for you and focused on your best interests. If you have the financial qualifications you can go and find a builder and purchase a new home but, you’re putting yourself at a disadvantage by doing it on your own. The average person doesn’t buy new homes every day, or even every year and the agents who work for the builder can often write multiple contracts in just one day. They are there to make as much money as possible and they’re qualifications are far superior to the average home buyer. Having your buyer’s agent there to represent you will allow them to filter out the bright lights and beautiful marketing and point out what’s important so that you can decide what the best value is for you.


2. Help You Hire The Right Builder – your agent will have insight on local builders – they’re not all created equal. Word travels fast and different builders have different reputations. There’s a lot that can go wrong with new construction. The weather is a big one but, material and labor shortages and incorrect options being installed are also common issues. Some builders have a flawless reputation of delivering homes on time where others are known for missing the mark. If you work with the right buyer’s agent they’ll be able to share their insight on the reputations of different builders – both good and bad.

3. Help You Find And Select The Right Home – there’s more than one new construction neighborhood to select from. Your buyer’s agent will get to know you, what you desire in a new home, and then provide you with a list of neighborhoods to choose from. They can then take you for tours of the neighborhoods that interest you. Odds are you’ll be selecting a lot after you’ve chosen the builder and neighborhood you want to be in. Different lots fit different lifestyles and it’s an important part of the decision making process. Odds are the sales rep that works for the builder will present you with a gorgeous neighborhood plan that shows the pretty trees, vibrant colors, and is quite frankly nothing more than a marketing piece. An experienced agent will request the site plan for the lot you’re interested in. That will show you the topography of the lot – does it have a strong slope? Back to a drainage ditch? Have a utility box on the lot?

4. Your Agent Will Handle The Paperwork, Negotiation And Manage The Process– buying a new home differs from buying a resale home and that includes the paperwork. Your agent will review the contract and addendums presented by the builder and make sure you’re signing what you think you’re signing. Certain addendums need to be in place to protect you and they’ll make sure they are indeed in place. If you have questions about the paperwork your agent will be by your side to answer them or gain clarification from the builder and explain it to you in a way that’s easy to understand. Negotiation, this is a big one! If you don’t have your own representation the agent that works for the builder is practicing dual agency. With dual agency, you have no one to negotiate on your behalf. In fact, a dual agent is not allowed by law to guide you as a buyer’s agent would. We all know builders want to sell homes for the highest price possible, every seller wants that. However, a builder has an added incentive to sell for as high as possible. Why? Because they want to keep the price high because it helps them sell the next home for a comparable price. That doesn’t mean there aren’t other ways to negotiate, the builder may be willing to give you other concessions such as closing cost assistance or upgrades. This will all depend on market conditions – your agent won’t have a magic wand. If the builder can’t build the homes fast enough to keep up with demand from buyers it’s not likely they’re going to discount because they simply don’t have too. A buyer’s agent will know the market conditions and be able to advise you accordingly. Your buyer’s agent will also be present for inspections. Not just with the builder, you also need inspections from your own home inspector that doesn’t work for the builder. You don’t want any surprises after you’ve moved in and your agent can guide you on what inspections to obtain.

5. Assist With Choosing Options – design centers are amazing but, they’re also distracting. All those beautiful options to pick from. What do you choose? A buyer’s agent will accompany you to the design center and advise you on which upgrades offer the highest return. Customizing your home is a ton of fun but, without the proper advice, you could spend a ton of money on items that won’t matter when it comes time to sell. Some upgrades truly do make a big difference while others just simply aren’t worth the cost. This goes for selecting options for your floor plan as well, some modifications go a long way while others just don’t go the distance. Rely on your agent to be a consultant at the design center and when selecting your floorplan.

Bottom line, when buying a home, not just new construction its smart business to have a buyer’s agent working for you and putting your best interests first. Buying new construction isn’t as simple as it sounds and there are many questions that can come up. You need an agent that works exclusively for you and that you trust to be your advocate throughout the process.




5 Things To Watch In The Kingstowne Real Estate Market | Fall 2018

5 Things To Watch In The Kingstowne Real Estate Market | Fall 2018

Fall has arrived (still haven’t wrapped my brain around that) and with the change in season comes questions about the real estate market. What’s happening in the Kingstowne real estate market and what should you watch for? Check out my top 5 things to watch in the Kingstowne real estate market below.


1. Bull Market: We’re still in the longest bull market in US history. The housing market remains strong despite higher interest rates and rising rates are stimulating demand – for now. For how long? We can’t honestly answer that. Read more about rising rates and inventory below.


2. Rising Interest Rates: The Fed just increased rates and has expressed their intentions to raise rates once, maybe even twice more in 2018. They’re discussing having three increases in 2019. What does this mean? Rates could hit 5% by the end of the year, that was a prediction very early on in 2018 and it’s looking highly likely to happen. Many buyers who purchased 6-8 years ago have a rate in the 3-3.5% range. If you’re considering making a move the time to do it is this fall.


3. Rising Prices: Prices in Kingstowne continue to rise, year to date they’re up 6.2% as compared to 2017. The increase in prices has not slowed buyers down this year, it’s spurred them to purchase now in order to avoid future higher prices and higher interest rates. The market in Kingstowne is competitive with many homes seeing multiple offers but, only if they’re priced correctly and show well.


4. Low Inventory: Real estate is local – HYPER LOCAL. While this may not be the case in all areas, in our area inventory is historically LOW and has been for over a year. Low inventory points to a seller’s market. As we mentioned above, homes that are priced correctly and show well are moving quickly. If you’re considering selling your home and meet the above criteria you’re in an excellent position to see a lot of demand from buyers for your home.


5. Amazon HQ2: Where Amazon HQ2 will land has been a hot topic in the DMV. The buzz of it possibly landing here has already created some speculation among developers and investors. One thing is for sure, if Amazon ends up here you will see an increased demand for housing with it. You can also expect an increase in traffic but, that’s another story!


Interested in learning more about the Kingstowne real estate market or have a specific question you’d like to ask? Reach out to us and let’s connect!



Growing Up In The Country

Growing Up In The Country
I’ve been telling myself I need to get comfortable with sharing more about my personal life on social media. Blogging about it is like dipping my foot in the pool without diving in head first. I can talk about real estate all day long but, opening up about my personal life is something I’ve found more difficult.


I thought I’d write about my childhood because I think it plays a big role in who I am today. I grew up in Lucketts, a small town outside of Leesburg. It’s still a small town but, in those days it was super small. We didn’t have neighbors with the exception of a house we share a quarter mile driveway with but, everyone knew each other and we were known as the country kids. From what I hear it’s sought after now but when I was growing up that wasn’t the case. The “city” kids always thought we lived so far away and until we could drive the Lucketts kids stuck to hanging out with each other. My parents had a small farm with 10 acres and I quickly adopted my Mom’s love for horses. Riding was my passion, I tried playing a couple sports in Elementary School but, quickly knew that I wanted to pursue riding.

My parents supported that and my Mom spent hours and hours teaching me how to properly care for the horses we had. Riding was the reward but, there was a lot of responsibility that went with it. I knew that if I didn’t put the work in I wouldn’t be allowed to ride. Good grades came first and I made sure to always make sure my report cards were solid. Next was caring for the animals, horses are a lot of work! I would get up early and help her with the barn before I went to school and always come straight home to ride my horse and do some more work in the barn. Being on a small farm there was always grass to mow, a garden to tend too, a pool to clean, 10 acres takes constant care. I can remember I dreaded picking blueberries but, it was a requirement!

My Mom and I started showing together and I was allowed to miss school so that we could travel to shows – again as long as my grades were good. Having the privilege to ride and show horses is something that has stuck with me. It was a ton of work, and it wasn't just working on my part. It was my parents too – my Dad would hold down the fort when we would go on the road to show. He’d not only run his business but, still, take care of the animals at home while we were gone. My Mom was constantly teaching me how to care for the horses and giving me lessons to improve my riding skills. Not to mention the financial aspect that they both juggled, to this day I’m not sure how they made it all work but, they did. Some of my fondest memories are growing up with horses. It kept me close to my family and out of other trouble. It wasn’t until I went off to college that I couldn’t ride consistently anymore. I had a full-time schedule with classes and also worked full time leaving no time to ride. I hope to one day be able to afford to have horses of my own.

I may live in the city now but, I am and always will be a country girl. My parents taught me that with hard work anything is possible and I’m very proud of where I grew up and how they raised me.



Condos In Kingstowne | Market Update August 2018

Condos In Kingstowne | Market Update August 2018

Kingstowne is a planned community of over 5,300 homes but, because many locals consider 22315 the Kingstowne area that’s what we will be focusing on for the parameters of this market report.

August 2018 Condo Sales in Kingstowne

•Number of Sales: 7

•Highest Priced Sale: $343,900

•Lowest Priced Sale: $193,000

•Median Sales Price: $299,000

•Median Days on Market: 6

•Median Sale to List Price Ratio: 99.69%

The condos that sold were located in Chancery of Kingstowne, Carrdinal Place, Eton Square, Stratford Place.

How Does August 2017 Compare to August 2018?

12 condos sold in August 2017 with a median sale price of $288,450. Days on the market were higher, coming in at 11 and the median sale to list price ratio was 98.63%. Lack of inventory plays a factor in fewer condos being sold this year. The median sale price is an indicator of what the market has been experiencing this year with a healthy increase of 3.6%.

Kingstowne Condo Inventory

There are currently 15 condos for sale in Kingstowne. They range from a 1 bedroom, 1 bath with 742 square feet priced at $233,750 up to a 2 bedroom, 2 bath with 1,314 square feet priced at $354,997. There are also new construction condos for sale at The Crest Of Alexandria, a 55+ community located off Telegraph Road. Only a few condos remain and a late fall delivery is expected.

The inventory for Kingstowne condos remains low. Kingstowne as a whole is experiencing low inventory, you can read more about it in our neighborhood market update for August 2018. Condos that are properly priced, have a reasonable amount of updates, and show well are moving quickly. At the same time, even though inventory is low buyers are spotting an overpriced property quickly. If you are considering selling your Kingstowne condo do not try to chase the market and overprice it. Buyers just aren’t going for properties that are even remotely overpriced. As a seller, if your condo is priced correctly the market will react in your favor. When your options are creating demand for your property vs. becoming stale bread always opt to have demand!

If you’re looking to buy a condo in Kingstowne it’s important to understand that inventory remains low. When a new listing comes on the market if it shows well and is priced correctly it’s going to move quickly. It’s very likely that it will sell quickly and go for at or even above list price. Don’t delay in making an offer and rely on your agent for advice on how to negotiate and make your offer stand out to the seller. Each neighborhood within Kingstowne experiences different market conditions and its imperative to understand them before you decide on the terms of your offer.

To receive a free estimate on what your Kingstowne condo is worth in the current market visit our free home value tool.

If you’re buying or selling a condo in Kingstowne and would like to work with an experienced agent reach out to us and let’s talk! We’re always happy to answer questions.

See condos for sale in Kingstowne



Runnymeade Homes For Sale | Alexandria, Virginia 22310 | Market Update

Runnymeade Homes For Sale | Alexandria, Virginia 22310 | Market Update

Why Do People Live Here?

Runnymeade is conveniently located off South Van Dorn Street. It’s just two stop lights to 495 and less than 15 minutes from National Harbor and Old Town. There is a beautiful wooded area in the community where you’ll often see residents playing with their children, walking their dogs, or enjoying a game of catch or kickball. I lived in the neighborhood for 9 years and always loved the green space. Not an easy find for this area and residents in Runnymeade really enjoy it. The neighborhood has tennis courts and tot lots.



Looking For A Home In Runnymeade?

Interested in finding homes for sale in the Runnymeade neighborhood of Alexandria VA? Click that link to find homes currently available in this area of Alexandria.


What’s The Neighborhood Like?

Runnymeade is home to 346 townhomes. They were constructed in the 80’s and range from 2,080 square feet up to 3,000 square feet depending on the model. All of the homes are three levels, some offer one car garages while others sell with an assigned surface parking space. The homes range from 2-4 bedrooms and 2-3 full bathrooms. The homes are typically in the $415,000 to $500,000 price range.


What’s Going On Nearby the Runnymeade Neighborhood?

There’s no shortage of things to do if you live in Runnymeade. Kingstowne Towne Center is less than 5 minutes away. You’ll find multiple grocery stores, Kingstowne 16 Movie Theater, World Market, Home Goods, Panera Bread, Pasara Thai, Bonefish Grill, Bath and Body Works and many other dining and retail options in the center. The center is home to over 25 dining options. Runnymeade is also close to Springfield Town Center, home to Maggiano’s, Yard House, Chuys, LA Fitness, Target, and many retail stores. Check out the movie theatre while you’re there – it’s a great experience from the comfortable seats to the delicious food. You can even have an adult beverage while you watch the latest release. Hilltop Village Center, home to the sought after Wegmans grocery store is less than ten minutes from the neighborhood. Van Dorn and Franconia Springfield metro stations are both easily accessible from the neighborhood and there is a bus stop located in the front of the neighborhood that’s in walking distance to all residents. 395, 495, 95, and Fairfax County Parkway are all just minutes away.


What Schools Will The Kids Attend?

Children living in the Runnymeade neighborhood will attend Bush Hill Elementary, Twain Middle, and Edison High School. Visit for reviews and information on test scores.


2018 Market Activity In Runnymeade
•Number of Homes Sold: 18

•Highest Priced Sale: $482,650

•Lowest Priced Sale: $419,000

•Median Sales Price: $460,500

•Median Days on Market: 9

•Median Sale Price to List Price Ratio: 100.12%

There are currently 2 townhomes for sale in Runnymeade. You can view the homes that are currently for sale here. Just have questions about the neighborhood? Feel free to reach out! 

Thinking of selling your Runnymeade home? Visit our free home value tool for a quick estimate of what your home is worth. For a precise analysis of the value of your home contact us and let's talk!




6 Fall Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter

6 Fall Maintenance Tips To Prepare Your Home For Winter

Summer seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye this year. With the change of season comes time for maintenance to your home. Putting off maintenance items will often cause bigger problems to occur which in turn costs you more money. Use our tips as a guide to make sure your home is prepared for winter.


HVAC Service – contact your preferred HVAC technician to have your system inspected and serviced before the cold temperatures arrive. Systems tend to have problems and stop running in extreme temperatures. Don’t risk being without heat on a cold winter day.


Check Your Roof – have your roof inspected for missing or damaged shingles, clogged gutters, and loose gutters. If you have a ridge vent also have it inspected to make sure it doesn’t need to be secured or sealed to prevent water intrusion.  

Clean The Gutters – when your roof is being inspected if the gutters are clogged have them cleaned. Clogged gutters can cause leaks in the roof, rotten fascia that leads to water intrusion or even a flood in the basement.

Winterize Exterior Faucets – this is a really important item that often gets overlooked. Before the first freeze, you want to turn off and drain all exterior faucets otherwise known as winterizing them. This will prevent any water from being trapped in the pipes, freezing, and then causing a pipe to burst.

Chimney Sweep – before you have your first fire of the season be sure to have your chimney inspected and cleaned. Knowing that your chimney is in good working order is a sound safety precaution to take. The peace of mind alone knowing that there’s no buildup and the structure is safe will be worth every penny.

Purchase Winter Weather Essentials – get your snow shovel, ice melt, candles, flashlights, gloves, and any other winter storm supplies you need to purchase long before there’s a storm predicted. You’ll not only pay less, you also won’t risk the chance of the items being sold out. We all know that in Northern Virginia we can overact just a bit when the weatherman is predicting snow!


If you live in Northern Virginia and need a referral for a trusted professional to take care of any of the above maintenance items contact us. We'd be happy to give you some recommendations!




An Open House With No Agent

An Open House With No Agent
One of the reasons I love real estate is that no day is ever the same. There’s always something to learn or something new to experience. Last Sunday was a first for me. I was set to meet a new buyer and noticed there was going to be an open house. She preferred a private showing and the house was vacant so I set an appointment for an hour before the open was set to begin.


I arrived a few minutes before my client and noticed that the open house signs were out and the door was open so I walked in just thinking that maybe the agent was setting up. No one was inside but, the lights were on so then I thought maybe the agent was putting more signs up or maybe ran back to the car for something. My clients arrived and we toured the property, while we were there an open house visitor showed up and started asking questions. They were so confused when I explained that I’m not the agent who is holding the open. We stayed at the property for close to 30 minutes and when we were finishing up I tried calling the agent but, didn’t get an answer.

I decided to wait around after my clients left because I was starting to worry that maybe something had happened to the agent. Someone had been there to set up as signs were out, listing info was out, the listing agent’s business cards were present, and the lockbox was closed but, I checked and it did have a key in it. About 20 minutes passed and I started debating on what to do, should I lock up? Should I call the agents office? Decisions, Decisions.

I decided to try calling the agent one more time and this time he answered. Never in a million years could I have guessed that he’d tell me to stop calling him because he’s out showing to clients and that yes he knows the door is open. Leave it as I found it because the house is vacant and there’s nothing of value there. He’s very busy and doesn’t have time to waste sitting around at an open house. At that moment my mind just went blank, all I could get out of my mouth was ok and I hung up right after that.

I sat in the parking lot for a few minutes after that to compose my thoughts. This property is an estate sale and I’m guessing the agent thinks the sellers will never find out he can’t be bothered to properly host an open house. How would he feel if someone propped the door open to his home and left? I have since contacted his broker who thankfully seemed appalled and genuine in wanting to address it. I really hope she follows through on that. I’ll never understand how agents like this stay in business, it’s situations like this that give honest and ethical agents a bad reputation. As with most professions, not all agents are created equal. Sellers and buyers should really invest time into researching and getting referrals for reputable agents and then make their decision on who to work with. Having the right agent working on your behalf who always puts your best interests first is priceless.